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Out of Body Experiences:

 Exploring the Controversy of how they are Induced, and to what extent do they exist

IB Extended Essay

2 October 2012

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        Out of Body Experiences have been a controversial topic, over the years to the extent of two questions. Do they exist? And how are they caused? Commonly out of body experiences are practices practiced by those one would call “hippies”. However statistics show 1out of 10 people have had an out of body experience (obe) in there life time, in a response experiences where human brain function is compromised ie: hallucination’s from drug abuse, and brain disorders such as epilepsy. OBE have also been reported in cases of physical abuse, as well as near death, and traumatic experiences. Though there are many experienced accounts of people experiencing out of body experiences there has not been a solid scientific proven experiment that allots results that confirm the existence of out of body experience, and whether or whether not they can be self induced. This information formulates questions concerning , to what extent do out of body experiences exist, and how OBE’s be  induced?

        The scope of my investigation through finding the answers to my provided questions , will explore, what an OBE experience is, as well as when they will occur. show multiple accounts and testimonies, from those who claim they have experienced an OBE as well as laboratory scientific experiments of attempts to induce out of body experiences on patients. Although scientist have formed their personal opinion about Out of body experiences as well as positions derived from their own experiments, In this investigation I will take into account all yielded results from experiments ,scientific opinions, and theories, as well as personal accounts of experience , positives and negatives, will be evaluated.

In conclusion my investigation will bring data together from multiple different sources as well as opinion of my own to create and support a strong position, that aims towards the existence of OBE, thus exploring and answering the research question.

Out of Body Experiences have been controversial topic for some years now. Questions have been discuss of; do they exist? and if they exist , how can they be induced? From hippies, to scientists ,opinions vary on different procedures, and methods to Induce an Out of Body Experience (OBE). Since there’s so many different opinions on the mysteries of (OBE) I found it most necessary to break the essay up into to 2 different POV. One expressing the “hippy” point of view of OBE to a more “scientific” way of viewing. A hippy is  a person whose behavior, dress, use of drugs, etc, implied a rejection of conventional values ().  The scientific way of viewing OBE, is derived through the scientific method ;a method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data are gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from these data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested (). This method yields facts, and theories and is more respected because it can by supported by data and test, rather than just personal experience, or claims.  This essay is going to explain two different POV one from the POV of hippies(pr others or those who  to recreationally induce OBE), and the other from the POV of scientist( using the scientific method). This includes in the POV information on what OBE are, and how they are perceived as by each POV, as well as methods to how, (if possible) can an OBE experience be induced.

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The recreational practice by OBE is referred to those who try to self induce Out of Body experiences  in this essay. In this POV participants practice the belief instead of trying to prove it. What is an Out of Body experience? OBE are experiences where a person leaves his/her body and observes the world from a different POV one, outside of normal view () . those who attempt to self induce OBE are participating in a practice known as astral projection. Astral projection is the act of separating the astral body (spirit or consciousness) from the physical ...

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