Review of "The Social Animal" by David Brooks

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Chris Olson

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29 May 2012

Social Animal

        Our society has blazoned an important dichotomy, free will versus destiny.  Religious groups have been one of the main reasons we have this dichotomy.  The other reason is simply how each idea is optimistic in its own way: free will because we actually have the power to decide what we want and there’s nothing else that tempts us and destiny because its nice to know that no matter how bad we screw up in life our final fate cannot get any worse.  The problem with this dichotomy is that scientist like David Brooks are telling us neither of these is correct.

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The Social Animal by David Brooks is another cynical article.  Incredibly cynical and as a result, I liked it just about as much as the past two.  Brooks shows the reader that there is no such thing as free will.  Everything in our personality, our tendencies, and even whom we love is governed absolutely by predictable biological processes in our brain.

The implications of this finding are immense.  Perhaps in the future we could predict every action and thought by simply taking into account all of the physiological changes that occur in a person.  Imagine a world in ...

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