Self Estteem, PE and Aspergers.

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Often times, people see themselves differently from how they actually appear.  According to the article “Self-Esteem and Confidence”, written by Ruth Ann Ruiz, some people have low self-esteem, and others have high self-esteem.  Self-esteem is about how one person sees himself/herself, and how he/she feels about himself/herself.  It is normal to feel like you are not smart enough or attractive enough.  Some people may be insecure about their weight, height, whether it is above or below average.  However, it may indeed be average, just viewed differently by the insecure person.  How a person measures his/her appearances and worthiness is how much self-esteem a person may have.

                It is very important to have self-esteem during the teenage years.  A study done in 2009 provides evidence that teens who are overweight and view themselves as so are more likely to commit suicide than other teens.  You can reduce the risk of committing suicide by getting regular checks for depression screenings and obesity prevention programs.  Evidently, the effects of teenagers with low self-esteem are dangerous.  It is important to be confident in yourself, your image, your personality, and your actions.  The best way to figure out your own level of self-esteem is to take a close look at yourself in the mirror.  However, not the typical mirror, but the mirror in your head.  You need to examine how you feel about yourself.  Self-esteem is important, especially in teenagers.

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In most schools, there is not enough time spent in Physical Education.  According to Nancy Hellmich’s article “More Time in PE Doesn’t Add Up” (), even if there were more hours that students were given the opportunity to participate with physical activity, it does not mean that they would actually be more physically active.  About one-third of the youth population in the United States is overweight.  According to Government Research, from 1991 to 2005, the percentage of high school students who were active in Physical Education classes every day went from forty-two percent to thirty-three percent.  Many states passed legislation ...

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