10 Lessons in leadership

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A Janitor's Ten Lessons in Leadership

Rishi Seshadri

Period 1


1. Be cautious of labels

        Know what you are doing and how to complete your objective.

2. Everyone deserves respect

        Show respect for everyone you meet. But you deserve respect as well. Hold your head up high, but always be humble towards others as well.

3. Courtesy makes a difference

        Show a kind gesture to someone. Not only do you both benefit, but you will be treated with respect if you show courtesy to others.

4. Take time to know your people

        Know your team's strengths and weaknesses. Don't write someone off because they are inept in a certain area. Find out where their strength lies and utilize it. Know your own strengths and weaknesses too.

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5. Anyone can be a hero

        Everyone has strengths. If you can know your team and their limits, everyone can be a hero by using their strengths to their advantage.

6. Leaders should be humble

        No one shows respect for an arrogant leader. If you show others respect, you will gain respect from others.

7. Life won't always hand you what you think you deserve

        You have to go out and work for what you want. Nothing is deserved-you have to go out and get it.

8. No job is beneath a leader

        A ...

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