Year 12 Theory of Knowledge

Mr. Etheridge

12 Angry Men

30th September, 2009

Medora Choi 12AM

Can the film 12 Angry Men “tell the truth” better than other Arts such as Literature or other Areas of Knowledge such as History?

        Truth in this film 12 Angry Men can be varied from time to time. During the discussion within the juries, there were tension points, where they all debate the real truth on this case. Did the nineteen year old boy stab his own father with a unique switchblade? Was he guilty or not guilty? The film attempts to tell the truth through different juries’ point of view, alternatively, it can be done better if the truth was told by using Literature because it can be more detailed on each jury and the proof to support their own statements can be longer and clearer. With different interpretations of what “telling the truth” implies, different areas of knowledge would serve for the appropriate interpretations.

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        If defining “telling the truth” only means presenting or revealing the truth, then whichever area that presents the best would be considered the best at telling the truth. Harold Pinter, a Nobel Prize winner for literature, stated in his 2005 Nobel lecture “the real truth is that there never is any such thing as one truth to be found in dramatic art. There are many.” Applying this to the film 12 Angry Men, it maybe easier for the readers to understand if it was presented in literature as it allows the author to be able to tell these truths however he/she wants ...

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