The knowledge that we value the most is the knowledge for which we can provide the strongest justifications. To what extent would you agree with this claim?

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Humans possess many kinds of knowledge; knowledge that was arrived at logically, knowledge based on perceptions, and religious knowledge are all some examples. This combination of knowledge gives us an advantage and separates us from the rest of the species on Earth, so it can be said to be of great value to mankind. However of all the knowledge that we have individually, some are more valuable than others. I believe the knowledge that we value the most is the knowledge for which we can provide the strongest justifications.

The definition of knowledge itself is justified true beliefs ; therefore the more justifications we have for a true belief, the more proof we have for the knowledge to be valid. With strong justifications, we are also less likely to question the truth behind certain knowledge, and would be more compelled to believe it. Arriving at valid knowledge through logic is an example that offers strong justifications. For example, if all of A is B, and all of B is C, then we can logically deduce that all of A must be C. There would be no way to question this conclusion because its justifications allow no room for doubt, so we can positively accept that all A must be C. This knowledge holds its value in that its justifications are so concrete that it would be impossible for us to question it, and the fact that we can now accept it as knowledge with little doubt offers a comforting effect.

Once we establish certain claims as knowledge and it has strong justifications, it becomes more reliable for us to believe than knowledge with weak justifications, since it is more difficult to question strong justifications. When we have multiple facts based on strong justifications combine together, the old facts can act as justifications to arrive at new true beliefs, and these new true beliefs would then become new knowledge with strong justifications. This building effect could continue, and it is much like Darwin’s crane-making cranes, only the results this time are more and more knowledge based on strong justifications, and the new knowledge each time would provide some benefit for humans.

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Math is very good example of where this process happens. Axioms, the lowest building blocks and propositions considered to be self evident, are the initial true beliefs that are unquestionable, such as a right angle triangle containing a ninety degree angle. Multiple axioms together can provide as strong justifications for new knowledge, such the knowledge that so long as an angle is kept constant in a right angle triangle, the ratio of the sides constituting that side will always be equal. And the new knowledge can again be used as justification for another claim. This build up process often ...

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