A Discussion of the Understanding of Religion In the Lights of Relativity and Interpretation

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A Discussion of the Understanding of Religion

In the Lights of

Relativity and Interpretation

Religious teachings over generations have been, generally and not necessarily, on a orthodox note with little room to question its principles and teachings. It is more of a monologue rather a dialogue between the preacher and the disciple. As society evolves, so should the teachings in order to hold societal relevance, this is inhibited because presently we are not questioning and editing the teachings rather than learning it and passing it ahead blindly. Thus, we should let religious teachings to have a flexibility to accept and modify ideas.

We generally teach ‘our’ religion as the only right path to reach the higher power. This leads to communal disharmony among people following different religion and as our society is advancing there are no more geographical boundaries to religions, we find many different religion dwelling in the same city, thus developing religious sensitivities and a sense of acceptance has become very important to social peace. We need to teach ‘Preach and let preach’ approach to everyone.

In our project, our main motive is to focus on the theory of relativity and interpretation in terms of religion to give a room to the idea of indulgence rather than tolerance which presupposes the feeling of superiority by discussing the common points in religions, the theories put by different philosopher and the problems caused by the intolerance of the relatively different approaches.

. Common Points in Religions

* Reincarnation

The basic idea of reincarnation is that an organism's soul leaves its body at death and then enters the body of another newly-born life form. Thus over time it passes through a series of successive existences in different physical bodies. According to an associated idea called karma, actions in one life will affect the form of existence in the next life. In particular, through good behavior a soul may be able to pass to higher and higher life forms in successive stages of existence.

Belief in reincarnation is found in a number of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Manichaeism, and Gnosticism. Adherents of some of these religions also believe that an individual can permanently escape the cycle of birth and rebirth by reaching a state of enlightenment or nirvana.
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* Gods in Human Form

The idea that a god or goddess can appear on earth in human form is a theme found in many religions. Such a belief was especially common in the ancient polytheistic religions of the middle eastern and Mediterranean religions. For example, in the epic works of the Greek author Homer, gods and goddesses often appear in human form in order to intervene in events taking place on the earth.

In Hinduism, a manifestation of a god in human or animal form is known as an Avatar. The most important of these ...

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