Discuss the claim that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented:

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Discuss the claim that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented:

To what extent can one believe that an area of knowledge is discovered or invented? This powerful question allows me to openly interpret the definition of ‘discovered’ as a theory that people have exposed and learned about throughout time and the term ‘invented’ can be assumed as an unknown theory that has been produced by humans from imagination or thoughts.  Overtime, many have debated over whether various areas of knowledge have been invented or discovered, and throughout my essay I will be focusing on discussing the invention and discovery of ethics, history and mathematics. These topics have led me to ponder over the question how important it is for everyone to use their own experiences through invention and discovery to better understand these areas of knowledge.

Ethics and morals are one key area of knowledge that relate to each individual at a very personal level, and I would argue that as a result of this, everyone must discover it for themselves. Personally, I have distinguished my ethical values as I grew up through language with my parents and peers and reasoning of my own as well. I believe that ethics are fully based on human interaction and values that each person possesses.  For instance, your peers and family members, and the environment you are raised in can fully influence you to act a certain way because you believe that those are the correct ethical values in society.  Thus, it is obvious that ethics as an area of knowledge in our society are discovered by each individual.

 My parents, for instance, played a huge role in my life, and through language they instilled their morals and ethical codes onto me to ensure that I would be properly raised. An excellent example of this is that in the Iranian culture it is considered rude for someone to walk into a room and not automatically greet their elders or to forget to thank someone if they do you a favor.  My parents corrected me whenever I forgot to do any of these things, and as a result, I have discovered for myself that this is a polite and proper way that everyone should act.

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It can, however, be argued that ethics are in fact an invented area of knowledge.  For instance, I was taught and repetitively told to act a certain way when I was younger, and as a result, I did not in fact discover this area of knowledge for myself. All of these proper mannerisms have been passed down through previous generations, thus, being invented and relearned over time; however, these conventions, I believe, have been discovered by people to ease social situations.  It is sort of like the discussion of the chicken and the egg; for instance, if politeness between humans ...

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