Does language play roles of equal importance in different areas of knowledge?

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Does language plays roles of equal importance in different areas of knowledge?

We are able to distinguish four most well-known ways to acquire knowledge. It is either through the reasoning, perception, emotions or language. All the areas are important in the unique way. However, we would not be able to acquire any knowledge and pass it without the use of language. We would not know emotions of other people or even our own due to the fact that we would not how to define them. Besides, the ability of reasoning would be narrowed drastically.

In different sources we can find many definitions for the word “language” and all of them vary a bit but the main point is that language, spoken or written, is a mean of communication. It is a unique feature for humans as only animals who can make use of such complex means communication. Our ancestors used a intercommunication consisted of limited vocal sounds which were dependent on environmental stimulus. Nowadays, the language evolved and transformed in a genious tool that allows people to exchange their ideas, express their feelings, fears and dreams and also to discuss the everyday life matters. It gives us, human beings, the ability to be the independent and open-minded by broadening the horizons of our minds.

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In this essay I will show that the language does play roles of equal importance in different areas of knowing, especially in History, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

First area of knowledge which I want to discuss is History. As we all know, History is one of the area of knowledge that is based heavily on written sources. Without these sources we will not be able to gain any information about past events such as the Roman Empire established and its collapse, the war with the Teutonic Order and important battles like this on the 15th of July 1410. Someone had ...

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