Does Language Play Roles Of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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Does Language Play Roles Of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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        According to me language is a means of communication, an expression of ones thoughts and ideas, and a way of interacting to relay information. I view it as something that constantly evolves, transforms and takes the shape we give, however, at the same time language changes and influences our thoughts and actions. I believe that language is equally important in all areas of knowledge and that we cannot communicate without it. Nevertheless, language alone as a way of knowing is not completely reliable as the quality of language and the choice of words used can convey different ideas. For example, consider the difference between ambition and greed, ambition is an immense desire to obtain something and greed is an immense and selfish desire for something, essentially both of them are two sides of the same coin but they evoke different thoughts in people’s minds. Furthermore, language has its own limitations as it cannot communicate ideas such as irony and sarcasm; and for language to be an effective way of knowing all the individuals involved need to be aware of the language that is being used. Additionally using language as a way of knowing leads to biases as the language in which knowledge is presented determines whether an idea is accepted or not. Lastly, language is open to subjectivity as different people will react in different ways to the same thing. For example the colour red could represent anger and hatred to me but love to my friend. Although the significance of language is equal in all areas of knowledge I will be mainly focussing my discussion to Arts, Natural Sciences, History, and Mathematics. In each of these areas of knowledge language serves a different purpose.

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        Some people hold the firm belief that language is not required in the arts thereby overlooking the fact that most of the Arts express one’s emotions and communicate ideas. It is a means of expressing suppressed emotions for many people and represents freedom to them. This unconventional language eliminates the barriers that stop people from revealing their true sentiments. In fact, at times arts can divulge details about people or incidents that probably cannot be expressed in word. For instance, dance can be classified as a sign language because it can express ideas through physical movement. The pace, flexibility and ...

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