Does the Possession of Knowledge Carry an Ethical Responsibility

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“The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility.”  In the course of one’s life they are plagued with the burden of making many decisions. Decisions that will ultimately define you as the person you will grow up to be. One’s decisions will most likely affect themselves and others around them. Some may ask themselves what profession would I like to pursue or maybe more simply what should I have for lunch. These decisions not only impact us but everyone around us directly and indirectly. When a person has information that could help mankind, I believe it is their duty to share it so that everyone can benefit from it not just themselves. Some people in the world believe that if they are the first to discover something they should have the right themselves to either withheld it or share it. Let’s take for example cancer if a person were to find a cure they could withhold the cure and wait for someone to pay them trillions of dollars or they could distribute the cure and save many innocent lives that would have perished in the time when negotiations was occurring. In a perfect world the instance where the cure is distributed would be the alternative that would arise out of this situation. However this is not a perfect world and most likely there could be a cure for a cancer available at this present
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moment that no one except a select few has knowledge of. It is just waiting on the right price to be offered for its purchase. From an ethical standpoint to you would agree with the previous statement also of the free release of the cure to the people. This however is a decision that the creators of the cure will have to deal with for the duration of their lives. This however can be flipped around to the vice versa. What if the ethical thing to do in a situation is to withhold knowledge and keep it to oneself? There ...

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