How certain can we be in the Natural Sciences?

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Sabah TasnimIB22/9/12

How certain can we be in the Natural Sciences?

        Natural Sciences are ideally defined as branches of science that seek to expose the rules and laws that govern the natural world by using scientific methods. In addition, Natural sciences can also be referred to as the knowledge of processes that occur and are observable in nature, as distinguishable from abstract or human sciences. They are mainly used to understand how the world and universe around us works. There are five main branches, which include: Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Earth Science and Physics. Within each of these branches, are numerous further specializations, namely: agrobiology, biochemistry, biometry, electrobiology, microbiology, radiobiology and so on. Since Natural Sciences are defined as the study of different aspects in the world, in terms of how they work and how they are related, there are various issues that create doubts in people’s minds and others that are left unanswered because the way they are is the way they will be. This causes uncertainty in these Natural Sciences and therefore this essay will focus on how certain one can be in the Natural Sciences.

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        To begin with, there are various reasons to why we should not be entirely certain about the Natural Sciences, the main one being the fact that they are studied and brought to a conclusion by human beings. Humans tend to research deeply into various categories in these Natural Sciences, gain various knowledge that was aimed to be studied and hence conclude their findings as laws or facts.  As humans study about the Natural Sciences, there are numerous limitations to their studies, which they eventually sum up as one major fact. For instance, the findings done by humans are limited by ...

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