By definition pursuit requires one to give energy and time, and it is also defined as following something to capture it. So to be in pursuit of something requires you to have a goal, or an end. This end result is based on previous knowledge that reveals that it will be useful in some way or another. Knowledge that is pursued is, generally and logically, pursued for a reason. A belief is in essence placing trust or confidence in something. So the question is, how do a person’s beliefs affect the way they acquire knowledge. The beliefs of the world can generally help define what is useful, which means that they determine the type of knowledge that is investigated for and obtained. However the world is a very diverse place with different cultures, each culture having its own set of beliefs.

All types of knowledge must be considered, to determine what values and beliefs of humanity affect the pursuit of knowledge. Empirical knowledge affects the further pursuit of knowledge, as this is the type of knowledge that is acquired through experiences. Generally future pursuits of knowledge are based upon these experiences.  Intuitive knowledge is examined due to the fact that they are the foundation of humanity’s search for knowledge for reasons such as preservation. An intuitive person is always driven by their belief and values to open and expand what they know to open new realms of knowledge. Metaphysical knowledge must also be considered since beliefs about the world and the realm of metaphysics mutually influence what is deemed valuable.

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There have been so many examples of the pursuit of knowledge based on what people believe. An example of which would be in the 15th century, Christopher Columbus hoped to find a path to the Indies to prove that the world was round. Columbus did this to prove that the world was round, which was the belief at this time. The queen of Spain decided to finance his expedition because of her own metaphysical beliefs not to mention her own interests as well. Isabella believed like many people that Christianity was the ‘true’ religion and she wanted to spread its message ...

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