How does language affect the way we see things?

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How does language affect the way we see things?

Language is one of the ways to acquire knowledge. And it affects our perception because it is one of the main ways of knowing. We know things, many times, because we perceive knowledge through our senses. We listen to people speak, we read works, we can see body language and sometimes, blind people also use their touch to read Braille.

So, we can agree to the fact that both language and perception play a major role in giving us knowledge. This also means that because of their major role, their creation of illusions is also major. Though we understand a lot through knowledge and it brings us closer to the truth, it is also something that possibly creates some of our biggest blindfolds.

Nobody in this world knows languages when they are born, whether it is animals or humans. They learn it from others. This allows biases of the teacher to pass on to the new born. For example, when we were six years old and being taught the names of different colours, we were told that the sky is blue. This was told to us and we could see it, thus, we believed it. But, in the later years as the science taught to us advanced, we came to know that the space is actually black. This was a pure bias created in our minds through perception and later on we believed it because somebody used language and reasoning to make us realize the truth. Even now, probably what we believe is true might not actually be so.

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It is highly true, that language is gained to a large extent through perception and it is also true that perceiving allows us to understand the discovered truths of the world. But, this can be misleading. For example, a powerful orator like Adolf Hitler could change the way a whole community was looked upon. Before Hitler arrived, Jews were merely other human beings, but, after his arrival, many a people started believing that Jews had tails and huge beards and that the Aryans were always blonde, lean and tall. Now that is surprising. This leads us to wonder that if ...

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