Sriharsha Kota

Mr. Hurdle

IB Theory of Knowledge

4 March 2007

How Things Really Are

        “In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through

which one perceives the world.” Men observe the world around them through the ways of

knowing: emotion, reason, language and perception. It is through these means that men

study the areas of knowledge. In the world in which we live, our fundamental beliefs and

where we grow up create filters through which we will experience in our lives. Filters are

the mediums through which an object passes through and is then sorted out. In this case,

that which passes through our “filters” would be the perceptions of our world.

        To successfully analyze this quote, the language within the claim must be

examined. The structure of language in this claim will strongly influence how it is

comprehended by the reader. One major item that must be discussed is the concept of

reality. Reality, according to The Random House Unabridged Dictionary, is “that which

exists independently from all other things and from all other things that are derived.” The

way that I interpret this is that reality is what you do not and cannot distinguish, as

opposed to what you believe to be reality. Perception is what you interpret and is how the

brain conceives the concept of reality. Ergo, this is the way we “see”. Another important

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definition to grasp is that of a filter. This quote could imply filter in a number of ways. It

could go from the product of what we know and our culture, to the various physical

differences of our senses. The filters that are constructed during our education come from

the experiences that people face until their adulthood or age of maturity. Our culture

could be how we were brought up, including our religion, while the physical differences

could be the capabilities of our sensory organs. If someone senses what ...

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