IB TOK Essay Is moral knowledge omnipresent, and how exactly do we procure it?

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Theory of Knowledge – Written Essay (Moral Knowledge)

Knowledge Issue – Is moral knowledge omnipresent, and how exactly do we procure it?

First, let us define what exactly moral knowledge means. To me, moral knowledge symbolizes a set of rules, which may or may not be hard-and-fast, which inform us as to what is correct and what is wrong. Moral knowledge is thus the criterion that man uses to judge whether a certain course of action will have the correct or the wrong motive and whether it will lead to good or bad consequences. This is the premise on which moral knowledge is based.

Having set the context of the knowledge issue, it is important that we discuss which areas of knowledge pertain to this issue. In this essay, the areas of knowledge that I will be referring to include ethics, religious knowledge and science. The main question which needs to be answered first however, is whether or not moral knowledge is omnipresent, that is, whether it can exist as a lone identity or is it linked to mankind. After this, we can conclude exactly how we gain moral knowledge.

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To answer this question it is important to consider whether there are any signs of moral ethics in Nature or other entities which would exist independent of Man. To make the problem easier an analogy can be put forward. It is accepted amongst most scientific communities today that scientific knowledge is present in Nature, and that Man simply infers it from Nature. This seems to portray that there is some sort of heavenly body (God, perhaps) that has created this knowledge and used it to design Nature. Mankind simply reads Nature and in the process, procures scientific knowledge.

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