"In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world" discuss.

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“In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world”

Daniel Atkins

20th November 2002

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Mr. D Ford

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        The Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary defines a filter, as an apparatus for holding back substances. Filters allow something’s to pass through them and not others. This word can have many different forms of usage. Yet, when talking about life or how one perceives the world, a filter has a more discrete, hidden meaning. Everyday we filter ideas via the medium of sight, touch, smells, taste and sounds through our head. These senses can be significantly applied to the topic at hand. Although forming the body of this essay with the senses, it can be made easier, by breaking the question down into two manageable questions. How are things really? And what determines the filters through which we perceive the world, and life?

        An idea has all four senses some how woven into it. An idea is a questioned statement that one could be asking themselves and curious about the outcome of it all. The idea may have positive or negative feedback linked to it. For example, suppose a human being, fed up with life, decided that he/she wants to rob a bank and live off other people’s riches. When he/she actually comes down to the whole plan, it has to be filtered through his/her brain. The brain understands the consequences behind the actions and does not filter the idea through, thus does not perform the task at hand. This idea may now be edging towards the background of the human conscience, but the conscience only kicks in just before one is about to make a comment, or perform an action. The filter is the first stage of pulling back the negative feedback. Keep account of the fact that filter’s don’t always fully hold back things.

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        Before a human being touches a flame or puts his/her hand in a freezing bucket of water, he/she attempts to recount a moment in his/her lifetime where he/she actually performed this task. The idea of putting ones hand through a flame is brought to the gates of the brain. In order for the brain to carry out the mission, the idea first, has to pass through the filters. In this case the filter realises that this experience may cause some bodily harm. Now that the filter has decided this, it brings the idea to the conscience, which then allows a ...

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