In order to understand the truth, we must understand the filters of how we perceive the world.

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TOK Perception Essay “ In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world.” In order to understand the truth, we must understand the filters of how we perceive the world. This statement has been true ever since the beginning of human thought, emotion and of course, perception. The way humans perceive things are entirely based on these filters that form opinions on different objects/actions. This is why humans are so different in terms of opinions and perceptions. But in order to discover the truth, people need to understand what filters are, what kinds there are and how these filters affect our world. If it’s these “filters” that are affecting our perception then what actually is a filter? The filters that affect opinion and the way we perceive different things are endless. The filters can be split into two kinds, those that are more general amongst humans and those that are more specific. The more general ones include things such as religion, language and gender. Religion becomes a filter because there are so many different religions, so when it comes to opinions on
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ideas such as science or statements made towards the “real god” (or other statements concerning religious ethics etc.) of course all those people who are passionate about religion will debate against science and the “real god” because they use religion as a filter, twisting their opinion into the way they perceive the world through the filter of religion. In terms of language, language is more or less similar to religion. However, there are so many different languages (not including just verbal, but physical language such as sign language) thus making the barrier between understanding a person speaking another language. For ...

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