Is mathematics invented or discovered?

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Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Is mathematics discoverable or is it simply invented by the immense brainpower of certain mathematicians? For centuries humans have pondered over this deep and complex matter.

Mathematics can be explained in massive detail, although it is commonly summarized as “the abstract science of numbers, quantity, and space” (). Humans have assigned mathematical rules around our universe as a device used to identify and explain the void’s truths. Therefore mathematics is used to express discoveries by using the invention of a language.

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From my perspective this makes mathematics a combination of both invention and discovery. The axioms have always been welded into our universe, and humans have constructed a system in which we can explore them. This relates to Joshua Hills theory, a young student at Harvard,”So we discover the world around us, now how do we use and manipulate this world. Invent Mathematics.”

This theorem can be justified by the advent of numerals. The base 20 numeral system was invented thousands of years ago by the Pre-Columbian Maya Civilisation most likely used to count something as basic as cattle or ...

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