Seven Days: A Brief History. During the week of November 7th to November 13th of 2011, there were a vast number of events that occurred worldwide that made headlines and affect people in some way. In this following paper, the events that have passed in t

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17 November 2011

Seven Days: A Brief History

        As one sees what happens every day in their lives, one never takes to think that a single thing can change how others live. These incidents can be seen different based on how important it is. In the course of a week, there have been many events that have happened that have affected people here in the United States and people around the world. These events come in the form of political, economic, and social occurrences. During the week of November 7th to November 13th of 2011, there were a vast number of events that occurred worldwide that made headlines and affect people in some way. In this following paper, the events that have passed in this week have been documented and will be discussed in further detail stating why those events are important to people and how it can affect their futures.

        Of the course of course of seven days, many things occurred but only the top occurrences were the ones that stood out the most. In the day of November 7th, the events that happened on this included from the Michael Jackson death case in which the jury found Conrad Murray guilty two years after the death of pop singer Michael Jackson. Also, on Monday, the country of Greece were under a negotiation to find a new prime minister but have now agreed on a new prime minister as of yet. United States officials also warned that hotels occupied by foreigners in Nigeria may be bombed by a radical Muslim group as the Nigerian death toll have rose to more than 100 people. For the day of November 8th, there were events that included the resignation of Greece’s prime minister and already finding an interim prime minister because of how their government has gone downhill over the past days and months. Also from this happening, the country of Italy is also going through a downward spiral. Their Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced that he would step down as prime minister by the majority of parliament. Also in the headlines was a report in which the International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA said that Iran’s nuclear program has been said to be used for military purposes. It also mentioned up to date information about their uranium possession and their efforts to produce a bomb themselves. On the day of November 9th, The Obama administration responded to the headline that Iran had nuclear possession and said that “the next likely step will be the enforcement of stronger sanctions.”  France’s Foreign Minister also responded and said that France would support the United States effort to go up against Iran and their thoughts on nuclear weapons being used for military effort. In other news, the News of the World Newspaper Scandal continued after a period of time in which it stopped and involved Prince William and having his phone hacked and having the newspaper listen to his phone conversations. The newspaper’s owner, News Corporation is being investigated for intercepting his voicemails as early as the year 2006. In the United States, the Penn State University coach Joe Paterno has been accused of molestation charges for molesting eight boys over the course of eight years. It was said that in some incidents it had occurred in the football facility in the campus of Penn State University. The next day, on November 10th, News Corporation has gotten more investigations under way and the CEO of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, says that there is no evidence that News of the World Newspaper has hacked the phones of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. This involved from phone conversations to voicemail message that were being investigated to see if News Corporation had possession. At the same that this was happening, Iran responded to what the United States responded on them having nuclear weapons for “military efforts.” Iran’s leader warned the countries of Israel and the United States that they would launch a military strike against to what the United States said over Iran’s nuclear program. The Italy Senate has started to speed the votes that may lead to a Monti Government in Italy. Italy is now led by Mario Monti that “bids to restore confidence in Europe’s second-biggest debtor.” Italy is starting to approach a unity government. On November 11th, the country of Greece has been seen on headlines once again as they choose their new prime minister. Lucas Papademos said that he can put the economy back on track and calm all of the political issues that have happened. During the same day, Syria has been in a conflict and over the course of 11 days, there has been 250 people killed. President Obama has also, as of late, talked about plans for agreements in Asia. Since in Europe, there is a crisis right now, President Obama is searching for positive things for the United States which comes to open opportunities in Asia. The next day on November 12th, President Obama went to Hawaii for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. He aims on improving the United States’ relationship with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Italy approved a new law stop and avoids another euro zone crisis from happening. Italy has been in the headlines for almost the whole entire week because of their bankruptcy. Finally, on November 13th, the Supreme Court justices have appeared to be calm to push Obama’s health care plan or “Obamacare.” Britain also faced a horrible week with their economy. Unemployment and growth is also plummeting drastically and is affecting the young people that are getting and trying to look for jobs. The Iranian Parliament speaker said on November 13th that lawmakers will soon talk about Iran’s future cooperation with IAEA as said earlier through the week as Iran threatened countries with nuclear weapons in their possession.

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        Over the course of seven days with this events happening, one can see and/or feel how important that event can be. For example, the Michael Jackson death trial can be important to people for those who like the works of Michael Jackson. Also, it may be important to American people as Michael Jackson changed the way pop culture is and it becomes part of our American culture. Also, when it comes to the threats that Iran and Nigeria have imposed that they say that have bombs and nuclear weapons, this is seen important because of what had happened in the ...

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