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supernatural science

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TOK Supernatural Science Supernatural science is when it pertains to entities, events or powers regarded as beyond nature, in that they cannot be explained by the currently understood laws of the natural world. Religion claims that it has the power to cast certain spells and curses, divination, the belief that there is an afterlife for the dead, and innumerable others. In my essay I am going to relate the supernatural science with the areas and ways of knowledge. There are uncountable numbers of people that claim that they have had close encounters with supernatural beings such as ghosts, God etc. Therefore our perception comes to play in distinguishing the fake from reality. ...read more.


Throughout our life we believe in God and we always are in touch with him by means of prayer and other rituals. But why does not he respond to our statements? I believe that God is always hearing us and that he will not verbally grant our wish, in fact his actions speak louder than words and does whatever we wish for without us even telling us. It is our duty to thank him for fulfilling our wish. Science cannot explain the existence of God, it is just our belief that he exists. Everything we do in this world does not have to have a reason. ...read more.


Science is for practical thinkers but sometimes it is best not to look for meaning in everything around us otherwise if we do we will be skeptical of the world. The Bible says that 666 is the number of the beast, and that the world is going to end within a few hundred years. Ethics is defined as the study of principles relating to right and wrong conduct. According to me it is unethical for us to try and avoid reality, as the same time we must not scare others with false stories about the supernatural. I would like to conclude by saying that we must not waste too much of our time worrying about the supernatural, we must live life in the present and to its fullest potential. ...read more.

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