Theory of Knowledge: There is no distinction between true or false. Discuss

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Theory of Knowledge: There is no distinction between true or false.

        There are beliefs in the society that have been practiced from time to time. These beliefs might be right or wrong, positive or negative, black or white, and left or right. Someone might agree or disagree on something or stand in between to the different background. There are no fixed standards that can measure someone’s actions, decisions, or behaviors. Cultures, religions, educations, environments, situations, and conditions can affect someone’s point of view a lot when he sees and does things. This leads me to agree with the statement that says: “There are no absolute distinctions between true or false”. I have observed that the reason why people stand in between and do not take aside or neutral is because they see things grey. I could consider myself as one of them, because for me what is right today, does not guarantee that it will be right tomorrow and what is right in one place might not be right in other places. There is a lot of area of knowledge that could be used as examples in this essay, and I think it is interesting to talk about euthanasia and its ethical and science theory issues because it is blur. The issues of Euthanasia have not been solved but have become so controversial for years not only in the religious countries but liberal countries.

        Life has its ups and downs. I believe that there is a time for anything. When life is full of joy with laughter or problems with pains especially in today’s life that make someone do something without considering others’ perceptions towards them. The problems like unwanted child, un-affordable medication, anxiety, self-pity, loneliness, and selfishness have led people choose an easy way to end the journey of life. There are facts about people today; they have no perseverance, do not want to feel any pains but an easy life where everything is solved instantly. Sales Bury Harrison says: “There is no shortcut to life, to the end of our days life is a lesson imperfectly learn” and Antrim Minna says: “The drama of life begins with a wail and ends with a sigh”. In this case, I can say that this is the time when theories are against the reality. Life is fine when everything runs smoothly. Everyone on earth expects to have everything works well but who can tell what lies ahead. Have you ever realized that there is no guarantee to our education, finance, family, future, friendship, and even health? In order to get the best people will do all they can despite unpredictable circumstances that are not only influencing but also dominant over human lives

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        Being healthy is one of the most important issues nowadays. The importance of health has become primary concern of people due to the cost and awareness. Life expectancy is getting better and better. However, still there are so many kinds of diseases or illnesses that cannot be cured because the medications have not been found yet. Although to some extent the medications to some diseases and illnesses are available but they are unaffordable and can hardly be obtained. In the society, especially in Indonesia where the GNP is low compared to some of the developing countries, most of its people ...

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