There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false. Discuss

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“There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false.”

When knowledge is told to be true it is justified believed and proven, and when it is not it is false. Truth needs to be analytic and synthetic. An absolute claim can only be suggested when the being of it is proven for eternity. There are some distinction of false and truth but it is not absolute. Since to an extent, we distinct things unknowingly into two category, true and false. This distinction it helps us to decide. We distinct it by what we believe, perceived and justified. When we were a child we were told about what is true and what is false, and as we grow we choose it by our own opinion. What if what we’re told since we’re young is false and vice versa?

There are some foundations to why we consider things as true and false and how we make our own distinction to understand things. Such as by learning things from other people and being influenced. Religious believe and our own personality or values to life. Sometimes we consider truth to what we want it to be true, as what is comfortable for us to think.

Most of our truth and false settles down from a community, our knowledge and believe is tied to what our community is tied to. We believe because it is proven or because we were told and believe it. In the past people believe the world is flat and that there is a cliff at the end of the world. However, since we’ve been outer space we believe it is oval. The truth we once believe turned false. Absolute truth may exist and we might know it. However, since we aren’t omniscient we can’t assume it’s absolute.

 Truth depends on the situation. If I say “I’m blind” and the next day, it turned out that I’m not. What I considered to be true turned untrue, but maybe the next day it could be true again because of an accident. Statements are neither absolutely true nor false.

Logic is formed through empiricism. As we grow we observe that people grow taller as they go older and shrink or stop at some point. It’s logical because it happened as long as we can remember. However, who knows in the future humans became really big and gives birth to a giant baby. As the baby grows, their cells shrink and become normal. There is much possibility. However, it isn’t our absolute truth now. We aren’t omnipotent and what we know may just be the truth of the present and past but not the future, the “real absolute” truth.

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History is founded by historians and archeologists are trying to obtain it by discovering scriptures, evidences to support events that happened in the past. They sometimes add their own imagination or assumptions which seems “humanly” and “logical” to fill the gaps in missing scriptures. The only evidence that history has is its records. However, what if they found a record and it’s written by someone who is writing a book? Maybe the history we learn now is a story from someone and the other evidence seems to support the story because the story is based on the place and time ...

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