Joyce Kwan 12B                TOK – Ms. Balan & Mr. Graham

Natural Sciences

Morality concerns with the concepts of right and wrong for each individual

Is morality possible without religion?

I think morality is possible without religion since morality is not based on religion and religious beliefs are just rules and morals that contribute to each individual’s overall moral values. A Christian would believe not to steal, not to kill and a must to respect their parents as a moral value as they are part of the Ten Commandments and it is accepted to be the right thing to do however an atheist would also have the same morals. These morals may be taught to them by their parents, teachers or any authoritative figure or moulded by the media or even the atmosphere and peers they grow up in and with.

Moral values without the backing of religion might be established by self-defence, positive self-interest, their love for others and basically anything that would be physically or spiritually beneficial to the individual. Atheists would treat others kindly and helpfully for self defence as this treatment towards others would usually have a positive reciprocate behaviour from others, thereby increasing their happiness. On the contrary, if an individual treat other selfishly and abusively, it would be likely that they would be treated in the same way by others which would lead them into having negative feelings. In addition, being a witness of other’s misdeeds and therefore consequence, would allow them to learn from that offense and therefore associate it as a threat or danger therefore establish it is morally wrong for doing it.

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The love for others is a basis of having great satisfaction and hate produces the opposite feeling. As love for others includes the desire to see their loved ones being happy, fulfilling their desire would often involve unselfishness as well as self-sacrifice and the denial to see their loved one being sad therefore avoiding to hurt them. Thus, caring behaviour and therefore certain things that allow their loved one to be happy would be recognised as being morally right and vice versa.

Cultural also is a large contribution towards the idea of morality of people as they are brought up ...

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