The knowledge issue we are going to look at is based on the changing perspectives on the current issue of Global Warming. (change slide)

Global warming is generally accepted by the majority of people throughout the developing world, and it is a topic of increasing relevance today. (grr history people) (It is not a conspiracy theory!! As some people think!! India Fearnley!!).  However there are many theories to suggest causes of global warming, and most scientists cannot agree completely on its cause or the effects. (Change slide)

 The first theory we’re going to look at is the most popular theory; that human kind is responsible for the climate change and that it is our increase in output of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are to blame.

The second theory we looked at is that climate change is not because of human kind, but it is due to the increasing temperature of the sun. It’s believed that the sun is at its hottest point it has ever been over the last 1000 years, and is increasingly getting hotter. Scientists cannot determine whether it is the sun’s rise in temperature, or the increasing carbon emissions from earth that are the cause for the changing climate.

A third theory some people believe is that the increasing temperature of the planet and the melting ice caps are due to the end our current ice age, the Pleistocene ice age. From studying the history of the earth, we know that the earth has a natural cycle in which it comes in and out of ice ages, and the temperature is always changing, leading to great changes in the world, e.g. the creation of new lands and extinction of species. (Change slide)

The first theory is also the most widely believed cause of global warming, that it is the increasing amounts of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses building up in the earth’s atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect, resulting in a rise in the earth’s surface temperature. (Slide showing diagram of green house effect) < brief description.

However it has been argued by some scientists that this idea was accepted before the theory had been fully investigated. However if this theory is correct, it means that there is a good chance we can prevent our predicted future, but only if we reduce 60% of our carbon emissions over the next 10 years, and even then we have no chance of completely avoiding climate change from happening as the world’s surface temperate will still rise by 1°C even if we do reduce the amount of carbon levels produced however reducing carbon levels decreases the chance of more temperature increases. From this 1°C temperature increase we can expect the ice caps to shrink, a loss of fresh water from over a third of the world’s surface, and a loss of low lying coastal towns. (change slide)

This theory allows us to be self centred, thinking that only we have the power to change our surroundings, and this is one of the reasons why it is the most popular viewpoint on Global warming. It means not only that we are in control, but also that we have the power to prevent it from happening. This is a common effect in science, as truth is disregarded to make us feel more comfortable and in control. Another example of this is the big bang theory: scientists have worked out just how evenly the heat contained before the big bang was distributed. The discovery was that the heat was spread almost completely equally (the chances of this being 1 in more than a billion) and in such a way that life had the perfect circumstances to develop on earth. The reason why this is not such a well known view of the big bang is because it makes us uncomfortable: we recently discarded the view that we are the focus of the universe, whereas it is becoming more and more likely that we were the purpose of the creation of the universe. By stating this in a similar way as scientific fact we seem bigheaded and naïve- only seeing what we want to see- which is why such theories are discarded. However, if something is so neglected in societies and in science’s views and it was not something that could be proved to a certain extent, then it would go away. This ties into the knowledge issue we are looking at because it shows the effect of different perspectives on an issue, but also to a point the persistence of truth and fact. Since the remaining theories for the cause of global warming are still easy to find out about, even though they are not very popular, there must be some truth in them and perhaps the answer to the causes of Global warming. (change slide)

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The second theory we looked at was whether the sun is the cause of climate change. Scientists believe that the sun is at its hottest point that it has ever has been over the past 1000 years, meaning that the sun rays reaching our planet are more intense and have more heat energy, therefore heating up the earth’s surface temperature. As it takes the sun’s energy so long to reach our planet, it has taken scientists this long to find out that the sun is actually increasing, and any major changes that happen now on our sun ...

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