David Mulder

1984 Written task  


This written task describes the various revisions of the article from which Winston Smith saw the photograph of Jason, Aaronson and Rutherford and which were regarded by him as the absolute piece of falsification, as the people in the photograph were claimed to have been outside Oceania during the date of the photograph. The following rationally describes the most important changes in every article, although not all changes are named.

    The first article is the original article and was written just 5 years after the Party gained power, the article is fairly straightforward and everything is named mostly like we are used to. All names and any available details were taken from the book.

    The second article - the first revision - is making various subtle changes, while still not changing the actual 'truth', as people will still remember the events and the Party's power is not yet great enough to force everybody to DOUBLETHINK. The date of the party has also been pushed back to 10 years ago, as this suggests to the people that the Party has a strong base. Interesting to note are various changes like "socialistic party" to "the Party", as all other parties have been eradicated, the ministries have been changed to their 1984 counterparts and "the victory" to "our victory" suggesting the start of a creation of a social conscience. 

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    Thirdly an entirely new concept was added, namely Big Brother, he is the one who invited everybody to the party and the one who announced all the changes. To the end of the article an increase in the victory gin ration is also announced, this to associate Big Brother with good news. I assumed that Big Brother is a fictional entity existing purely in the historical records, rather than being a real living person. Various other changes are made like the "house of parliament" is left out, as it refers to the old system.

    The fourth revision ...

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