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International Baccalaureate: World Literature

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  1. Poetry Anthology with commentaries

    A Winter Ship by Sylvia Plath At this wharf there are no grand landings to speak of. Red and orange barges list and blister Shackled to the dock, outmoded, gaudy, And apparently indestructible. The sea pulses under a skin of oil. A gull holds his pose on a shanty ridgepole, Riding the tide of the wind, steady As wood and formal, in a jacket of ashes, The whole flat harbor anchored in The round of his yellow eye-button. A blimp swims up like a day-moon or tin Cigar over his rink of fishes. The prospect is dull as an old etching.

    • Word count: 3410
  2. During the entire novel of The Sorrow of War Kien is on a quest to find closure for all the death he has encountered during the war. One of Kiens attempts to get rid of his sorrows and get some closure is when he attempts to burn the novels he has writ

    Ninh's loveless s*x is altogether softer and kinder. At once excited and desperate, it flirts with romantic development, yet, ravaged by war, is in fact only hope and escapism from the horrors of war culminating in well-meant l**t. This array of emotion is demonstrated when Kien discovers that some of the soldiers in his platoon have been visiting nearby farm girls. Ninh describes 'these small acts of love [as] an omen of terrible things to come.' The usage of the word love is somewhat tongue-in-cheek as the men's affairs last only a couple of weeks.

    • Word count: 3320
  3. How and why George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-four used Winstons memory as the drive for his hatred against the authority?

    Ministry of Truth, or Minitrue in Newspeak is the only place where the past and future is its main business. It manipulates chronology, history and disseminates propaganda. All the Outer Party member working in the Record Department have the access to all past history but only Winston has the capacity to realize how revising the past made memory unreliable. Storing memories is a unique feature of the human mind. The Party ridicules this ability by erasing historical records. Beyond doubt, memory can never be created without reference to any records due to its dependent nature as a way of knowing.

    • Word count: 3873
  4. For this task, my main objective was to look at the world through the eyes of the fictional Holden Caulfield after the day of the carrousel but before Holdens present, at the end of the novel The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger.

    The thing is, I realized then that the world was just as it should be... Phoebe was going around and around and around in the carrousel. I was sitting on a bench in the rain, watching her.6 I wasn't part of it. I wasn't part of the circle. I wasn't part of the world. It all went on without me. Not even my hunting hat 7 could have protected me from the truth and helped me out of that one. I realized my real role in the world: to not be. Since then I've been hospitalized.

    • Word count: 5878
  5. Marked Essay.Compare and Contrast the effect of the narrative point of view in 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night - Time' and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' and how it keeps the reader engaged in the novels.

    The narrative points of view in the two novels are both similar and different in the ways of how they view society and it adds interesting and somewhat puzzling aspects in the way the story is presented to the reader and it is these characteristics of the narrators that keep the reader involved in the two novels. The characteristics of both an autistic person as well as a young nine year old boy can be both similar and different in many aspects and it is evident in the narration in both texts.

    • Word count: 3071
  6. Joe-Clarissa-Jed-ENDURING LOVE. Background information about the character details about family, career

    Despite this, Clarissa and Joe love children and have integrated them into their lives: they have a room in their house, which is part nursery, part teenage and where children or young adults sometimes stay. Attitudes and interests Joe has a very scientific attitude and analyses human behaviour and uses theories to explain them. For example, he is "impatitent to research" (p127) Parry's condition. He is very observant and makes detailed analysis about everything. However, he sometimes acts and thinks irrationally: "My numbness disappeared with the simple thought that what I was seeing was love, and the slow agony of its destruction.

    • Word count: 8159
  7. Compare and contrast Not My Business by Niyi Osundare and First They Came for the Jews by Pastor Neimoller. What are the poets attitudes to the societies in which they live?

    Consequently he was arrested and confined in concentration camps. When he was released, he carried on working as a clergyman while supporting many distraught German people after World War II. He later wrote this poem to speak of the pitiful situation in his home country. There are many similarities between the two poems. Firstly, 'First They Came for the Jews' and 'Not My business', both involve the theme of dictatorship and injustice. It is made clear that the oppressors had unrestricted authority and were free to be openly barbaric as we can see throughout both poems that they did what they liked and tyrannized innocent people for no apparent reason.

    • Word count: 3233
  8. La animalizacin en Grenouille y Gregorio

    Grenouille nace en un mercado en un puesto de pescado, nacimiento brutalmente descrito y comparado al de un animal. Al nacer Grenouille se encontr� rodeado de olores podridos y malolientes en un ambiente putrefacto, tirado en el suelo casi muerto, con una madre que ni sent�a amor por �l. "nacido entre un enjambre de moscas, tripas y cabezas de pescado" (P.13). La madre crea un ambiente salvaje al tener el parto en medio del mercado. Ella misma recibi� el nacimiento de su hijo casi muerto usando herramientas para cortar el pescado: "y cort� con el cuchillo el cord�n umbilical del reci�n nacido."

    • Word count: 3246
  9. Theme of Food and Magical Realism in Like Water for Chocolate

    Tita was born into servitude of her mother and from a young age she was told to suppress her own desires in order to complete the tradition and unconditional service she owed to her mother being her youngest born. Being the apprentice to Mama Elena's knowledge of cooking, Tita with the coaching and meticulous training of none other than Nacha, Tita was destined to be a great cook. Her talent enabled her to excel fast and she soon began to receive a great deal of praise for her mastery of complex dishes.

    • Word count: 3420
  10. 100 plus maketing plan

    17 4.1 Product Distribution ............................................................................. 17 4.2 Advertising ........................................................................................... 17 4.3 Price Strategy ........................................................................................ 18 4.4 Promotion Strategy ............................................................................... 20 4.5 Distribution Strategy ............................................................................. 22 5 References ....................................................................................................... 25 1. INTRODUCTION Marketing Plan Overview: F&N constantly innovates and expands its product portfolio. In Singapore F&N foods brands that enjoy strong consumer loyalty and have a very strong international business unit, which has been enjoying great success in the export market through their wide products range includes F&N gold coin, F&N blue cow, F&N daisy, F&N sparkling drinks and 100 plus isotonic drinks. The purpose of this marketing proposal is to introduce 100 plus drinks into Tamilnadu India.

    • Word count: 5421
  11. Discuss the isolation of the narrator in Ernest Hemingway's In Another Country

    That is the reason why he feels isolated from what he is pursuing. Another point is his isolation from companionship that is the discrimination the narrators has to face after being injured from an accident. Although all of them, the Italian and the American soldiers, are rewarded medals for their heroic action, the Italian soldiers feel disdain toward the American soldier who is considered to be not worth deserving the medals. Ernest Hemingway explores the back-side of the reward in the war.

    • Word count: 5513
  12. Casualty is an elegy written by Irish poet and writer Seamus Heaney. It is broken up into three distinct sections. The poem has no definite metric or rhyme structure;

    The man's gentle character is denoted by Heaney's description of his actions ('Without / Having to raise his voice', 'Order a quick stout / By a lifting of the eyes / And a discreet dumb-show / Of pulling off the top') and the author's incorporation of carefully chosen adjectives and alliteration; although the words 'discreet dumb-show' themselves suggest the man's mild mannerisms, the plosive sound of the consonants perhaps indicates a certain roughness in the fisherman's life-in this case, possibly connected to the harshness of the weather involved with his tough living, or, more likely, relating to the Troubles.

    • Word count: 3566
  13. Extended Essay

    Toplumu olusturan bireyler ve bireylerin yasadiklari eski �aglardan beri edebiyatin konusu olmustur. Edebiyatta, kadinin birey sayilmasi ise y�zyillar i�inde farklilik g�sterir. T�rk Edebiyati tarihine bakildiginda Islamiyetten �nce ve Islam tesirindeki edebiyata ge�is d�neminde kadin erkegin hemen yaninda, s�z� dinlenen bir es, g�ven veren bir annedir. Yasanilan cografyanin ve g��ebe k�lt�r�n�n etkisiyle fiziki olarak da g��l� olan kadin, Dede Korkut hikayelerinde de bu kimligiyle somutlanir. Islamiyet tesirinde olusturulan edebiyatta ise, �zellikle divan edebiyatinda kadin, "dini inan�lar ve gelenekler" dogrultusunda da ele alinir. Asik'i bastan �ikaran "selvi boylu, ok kirpikli, 'gamzesi ile tig �eken' kadin m�sl�man bir kadin degildir.

    • Word count: 4475
  14. Hedda Gabler- structure of the play and the major characters

    The stage directions basically form the physical and psychological characterization. The placement and movements of characters as revealed through the stage directions is important as they reveal the character's emotions, and at times contribute to the play's dramatic irony. Ibsen uses his detailed stage directions to contribute to the irony and suspense of the play as they describe the true motives and feelings of characters. 3. Style of play The endings of each of the acts are marginally more dramatic than the previous. These dramatic endings serve to show a clear aspect of Ibsen's style in writing.

    • Word count: 6488
  15. Lord of the Flies Critical Analysis

    The source of his power is not necessarily that he obtains food for the boys, but because he is able to manipulate life, to kill the pig and thereby bringing calm to the fears of a beast that the boys say exists in the forest. Ralph is a smart and logical leader. He and Jack are strong foils of each other because of the contrasting views each have in how they should run the society in which they live. Ralph wisely attempts to prioritize their rescue by constantly promoting the idea of a fire on the top of the mountain.

    • Word count: 4494
  16. Hamlet Journal - rewriting key passages from the play

    It also makes Gertrude happy. They are also trying to make him stop mourning Hamlets death and celebrate his life. 3. Why does Hamlet want to kill himself? - He believes in killing himself he will reach a place where he will feel no pain or suffering. He wishes to be with his father, the only man he keeps loyalty to. 4. How come the Queen does not mourn longer and instead marries? 5. Why is Hamlet quick to believe these men?

    • Word count: 8086
  17. The writer of Unman, Wittering and Zigo, and Giles Cooper criticises the educational system of the 1950s. The story centres on a new, young, weak and inexperienced teacher called John Ebony although the Head at Chantrey School approves him.

    The discovery of the former teacher being murdered leads the audience to discover something dark and unpleasant about the nature of the students who murdered their former teacher. The story also examines the way the school is run and how it has influenced what the boys have become. Scene 1 is the opening scene of the story and is the scene where the audience find out the first impressions of the characters. The Head is introduced as a very confident character who "puts on a very good show" of Chantrey School suggesting to the new teacher John Ebony, who seems

    • Word count: 4602
  18. Discuss how good Atticus is as a father.

    This gives an opportunity to Atticus to teach Scout how to behave accordingly but still aware of the reasons why she should. Atticus is raising two children which will be thus able to separate what they have been told is right and what they believe is right in their minds and their hearts and follow the latter with fervour, as he shoes to do when accepting to defend Tom Robinson later in the plot. However, he is also explaining, especially to Scout, that some of the rules in their society are there for a good reason, like attending school.

    • Word count: 4087
  19. Extended Essay - A Dream Deferred Both Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby and George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men have their dreams crushed. According to Langston Hughess poem both of the dreams exploded and resulted in death.

    He never gets to be with her, but she is able to see what he has done for her. Langston Hughes' poem shows both books as examples of how the American dream is almost impossible to achieve by narrating how dreams change over the years when they are put aside. The American Dream is a goal attempted by Lennie and George in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and Jay Gatsby in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby by tracing how each main character searches for the American Dream, measures the success of the American Dream but how each ultimately ends in tragedy as measured by Langston Hughes's "A Dream Deferred."

    • Word count: 4008
  20. Extended essay-The bean trees

    When focusing on the characters and their development one gets a meticulous view of what each character has experienced and how they have grown to become what they are in the end. Throughout many examples in this novel, Kingsolver has amazingly shown how life goes on even when death comes in the way, as life is continuous. When certain things die, new experiences come out of it which brings a sense of freedom. When The Bean Trees was published in 1988, it was very well appreciated since it touched many social issues happening during American history at that time.

    • Word count: 3984
  21. How to write a commentary

    A commentary is one specific type of essay which is written in a formal style appropriate to literary criticism, and is normally only concerned with analyzing a single, relatively short text. In IB exams this will be a poem, or a prose extract no more than about 60 lines in length. A good poetry anthology is an essential tool for teaching students how to write an effective commentary. The Rattle Bag, edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes (published by Faber and Faber); Touched with Fire, compiled by Jack Hydes (Cambridge University Press); and A Flock of Words, compiled by David Mackay (The Bodley Head)

    • Word count: 5617
  22. Beloved - Slaverys impact on Sethe

    Garner purchased Sethe at 13 years of age from a plantation in Carolina. Sethe was described as Athe one with iron [email protected] (10). This meanness seen by Paul D in Sethe=s eyes resulted from the painful events that she was exposed to in Carolina. Sethe was born and raised on a plantation in Carolina. She was taken from a mother she barely knew at an early infant age and nursed by another slave, Nan, Awho nurse babies, cooked, had one good arm and half of [email protected] (73-74).

    • Word count: 3096
  23. Senses and Sensuality in "Intimate Apparel" by Lynn Nottage.

    through the cluster of word of senses and touch as well as the alliteration of [s] sounds which represents sensuality that the effect that Esther’s hand and the sense of touch have on Mrs. Van Buren. Through the sense of touch, Esther creates a sense of sensuality between her and Mrs Van Buren. In the play, Mrs Van Buren suffers from the physical distance between her and her husband, which results in her tensing at the feeling of Esther’s touch. The alleged closeness between Mrs. Van Buren and Esther is also built through the letters sent to Esther by George.

    • Word count: 3646
  24. Treatment of escapism in A Street car named desire by Tennessee Williams and Death Of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

    INTRODUCTION The American dramatists ?Tennessee Williams? and ?Arthur Miller? deal with the theme of escapism in their respective plays. Escapism is not an uncommon theme in the American plays of the 19th century. American drama during this era often showed the hopelessness of characters that could not live up to their hopes and expectations. But more than dealing with the theme of escapism I have chosen these American plays to analyze how playwrights? treatment of this theme is different in each play.

    • Word count: 4681
  25. How and to what effect does the use of language empower Higgins and transform Eliza in G.B. Shaws Pygmalion?

    Introduction In G.B Shaw?s comedy of purpose Pygmalion, language is seen as an effective tool of social power which imposes hierarchy on society. Shaw believed that language causes social inclusion and exclusion and this Edwardian mannerism and prejudice finds expression in the social, educational and gender injustice of his times. Shaw ridicules these aspects of the society he lived in. He felt it necessary to highlight these three aspects and awaken the social consciousness of his audiences. Vesonder rightly observes ?Even a superficial examination of Pygmalion will show that the main focus of the play is not erotic involvement but

    • Word count: 4630

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page"

-St. Augustine

If you loved Crime and Punishment, and your favourite books tend to be those that transport you to faraway places, then you'll probably enjoy the world literature component of IB English Literature. The course teaches you to analyse literary works from many different time periods and cultures, so you'll get the chance to read translated literature alongside English literature.

To do well, you'll need to be able to construct complicated literary arguments in writing. If you would like some practice first, study Marked by Teachers collection of student-submitted IB world literature essays. The teacher-annotated papers will give you all the tools you need to earn top marks: you'll soon see the difference in your writing.

Students who excel in this course should consider studying English literature or a modern foreign language at the university level. When applying to these courses, having good marks in higher level English will be very helpful indeed.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Disgrace. Compare and contrast David and Lucys reaction to the attack in chapters 12 to 14

    "To conclude I would say that David and Lucy's reaction to the attacks could not contrast more. Where David appeared to be scared and Lucy put on the brave front, David was the one who was strong for them both, going to the market etc, whereas Lucy was finding life after the attack very difficult, 'her thumb in her mouth like a child.' However, Lucy does not want the attack to be known to the public, she wants to move on, forget the past, but David wanted revenge on the attackers. Lucy's attitude towards the attack suggests that she felt guilty for the mistreatment of blacks and felt this was her punishment, whereas David's beliefs that change shouldn't happen were stressed by the attack."

  • To what extent does Ibsens Hedda Gabler update the conventions of Greek tragedy that can be found in Euripides Medea?

    "To conclude, throughout this essay I have attempted to show and explain how Ibsen, in his play Hedda Gabler, has updated and twisted the conventions of Greek tragedy that can be found within Euripides' classic tragedy Medea. I have examined how the death of Hedda, in particular the location and reaction to it, utilises and manipulates convention to create drama and enable the audience to draw their own conclusion from the action. The nature of the Thespian Loevborg, and how Hedda lives through him, shows how Medea's character has been twisted and changed, that Hedda is no longer seeking revenge and equality, in the perhaps two dimensional Euripidean world that Medea inhabits, but also control and success. I believe that there are many ways in which Ibsen has updated the conventions of Greek tragedy, and that it is the use of farce throughout that presents this text as a truly modernised Greek tragedy. 1 Ibsen, Henrick, Hedda Gabler, Methuen Drama Student Editions, 2002 Methuen Publishing Ltd. P. 76. 2 Hedda Gabler, p. 99 3 Euripides, Medea, Cambridge University Press 1999, l.840 4 Hedda Gabler, p. 45 5 Medea l.298 6 Hedda Gabler, p. 37 7 Hedda Gabler, p. 104 8 Medea, l. 88 9 Hedda Gabler, p. 64 10 Medea, l. 398 11 Hedda Gabler p. 95 12 Hedda Gabler p. 99 C. Wild"

  • Who do you think is responsible for Gregor's fate? To what extent do you think he is responsible?

    "Mr. Samsa lacks the qualities of a caring father, which is the central reason for Gregor's death. With enormous responsibilities at a young age, his life even before the metamorphosis is the life of a beetle. Much of this has a lot of to do with Kafka's strained relationship with his own father, who he describes as "huge, selfish, (and an) overbearing businessman," in his Letter to his father. Although this is not the reason why Kafka died, it sure is the reason why Gregor dies."

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