Analysis of two Australian poems- Australia by Alec Derwent Hope and Enter without So Much as Knocking by Bruce Dawe

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Australia by Alec Derwent Hope and Enter without So Much as Knocking poem by Bruce Dawe the subject matter of this poem are very similar. They both narrate the people, spiritual, emptiness, nature and privation of real values in the new world of protection. The first poem is refers to the whole population, criticizes the attitudes, ethics and lifestyle of an ordinary person whereas this poem of Alec Derwent Hope is description of the empty land which lacks of cultural identity, refer mostly about Australia. Both poems concentrate on the issue of culture, decay of morality, uniqueness and identity.

In this poem entitled Australia is being considered as one of the greatest work by one of the most famous Australian poets Alec Derwent Hope. Understanding that he is an Australian poet one should understand the inherent fundamental bias that run through his poems. This poem conveys with a sort of patriotic message even if he understands the flaw that Australia carries, he still feels that there are many “like him who turn gladly home”. To understand the poet background let us look at main subject of the poem Australia. I guess the most remarkable thing about this poem is that juxtaposes the communities’ view of Australia with the patriotic attitudes of the writer. Even though the poet hears the societies condemning it as “drab green and desolate grey” he still in the end prefers to “turn gladly home”. Hence, we can determine that this poem tell us of how people are willing to go back for what they called home even if there are many detractors telling them otherwise.

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 The poet portrays Australia as a country that is desolate and nearly colourless. This very much looks like the “field uniform of modern wars” where everything is in shade of grey and green. These lines could also be interpreted as being a country that fades into the background as the field uniform was meant peremptory to allow people to intermix into the scenery. By highlighting Australia’s trend to fade into the shade and not have much consideration given to them.  The poet draws a comparison between the country and the sphinx where those boundless outspread paws of sphinx ruin or stone ...

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