Broken April and Sorrow of War : Broken Relationship

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Broken April and Sorrow of War

Untold Feelings of ones Relationship

Vue Vang


March 2011

World Literature Assignment #1

Mr. Brandt

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Sorrow of War and Broken April

Vue Vang        

        Bao Ninh and Ismail Kadare use the characters and the events that occur within a particular setting to emphasize the characters personality and the relationships to one another.  Bao Ninh and Ismail Kadare uses the relationship of Kien to Phuong during a time of war, Bessian to Diane, and Gjorg to Diane with a setting of blood feuds up in the mountains to express the lack of communication that the characters have which brought them to have a broken relationship at the end.

        In Sorrow of War Kien and Phuong are portrayed as childhood lovers. The setting of Sorrow of War is during the war time which creates this atmosphere for Kien, making him make himself private. But Phuong loves Kien a lot. Kien also loves Phuong, too, because to him she symbolizes physical warmth. A physical warmth that a man needs in war. If you look at it, Kien and Phuong does have a lot of physical “human” touch because “during the night at the lake, Kien dared not sleep with Phuong, yet there was still a sense of completion and fulfillment of just lying there with her” (Ninh 142). But as the story goes on Kien pushes Phuong away because he feels deserted and feels like he can’t be in a relationship at all he had the guilt that he should of died during the war instead of living and feeling all the guilt and he did not want to hurt Phuong by making her feel that she may have a chance in a relationship with him. Kien is portrayed as a private guy; he is not very open so therefore he expresses his thoughts, angers, and feelings onto war by writing it into his journals.

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        The atmosphere towards the end on their relationship is cold and silent because in the story Phuong is described as a traditional upholding Vietnamese woman. She do have a beautiful face, hair waving, and lovely long leg all description of her being beautiful and fragile. Phuong’s innocence and youth is also symbolized by the lake, which suggest about her immense purity before the war. But because of the war and the events that occurred for Phuong, such as when she was a victim of a gang rape, and Kien being a murderer right then. Phuong seeing that her character and ...

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