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Childhood obesity

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How Does The Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and USA Intro I have chosen the issue of childhood obesity in Wales and America. I have chosen this issue as obesity is a main problem in today's society, and I want to see how Wales compares to what is known as the 'Fattest' country, America. Also I hope to find out the main reasons behind the high or low rates in obesity. This topic interests me as it has a big impact on today's youth, and I as a rugby player would prefer to see more people out exercising than sitting in the house eating. Aims For my investigation I have found both secondary and primary information. My secondary information is from various sources off the internet. This will help me find out the information I need such as rates of obesity in Wales and USA, and also give me a better understanding of the issue. I will use facts and figures from my research to give a clear outlook of childhood obesity. For my primary information I produced a questionnaire to hand out to a range of people. Twenty five of these questionnaires will be given out to children aged eleven to sixteen, and the other twenty five will be handed to adults. This will give me a two different view points which could contrast or be very similar. From this I should be able to see what the main cause of childhood obesity is, and shall show my findings in graph form to show clearly my results. ...read more.


There needs to be drastic changes to try solve this problem, yet there doesn't seem anyone/any organisation big enough to do so. However, there are small changes over world that I have noticed, such as schools taking out more fatty foods and bringing in new healthy options to take there place. This started with Jamie Oliver going round Britain looking at school dinners and then giving the children a new healthy option. Also from my research I have found that in both America and Wales the main cause seems to be an unhealthy diet combined with a lack of exercise. High-calorie foods such as chocolates, sweets and fast food are cheap and readily available to children. Alongside this, physical activity and exercise are no longer a part of most children's days - some children never walk or cycle to school or play sport. Instead, many of them spend hours in front of a television or computer. With this being the main cause it seems that the parents are also to be blamed for not controlling or joining in with activities in their children's lives, if this is the case it may be a hard trend to get out of. Primary Research For my primary research I decide to produce 50 questionnaires to hand out, twenty five went to children aged eleven to sixteen and twenty five to adults. I have done this to try give a balanced view on what people of the area believe the main cause of obesity could be. ...read more.


However, there has been some Government work towards solving this problem such as change in school meals and healthier advertisements for restaurants like Pizza Hut and McDonalds, but most people feel this isn't enough and more work could be done to help. Evaluation I encountered a number of problems during my research for both secondary and primary research. With my primary research the main problem I had was getting the questionnaires back in fully completed, also once in I was able to see that some may have been done quickly and not completed seriously. The main problem with the secondary research was finding appropriate websites that can be trusted and give valid information. With so much on obesity it was difficult to find the right sources, however once found it was relatively simple to extract the information needed. Another problem that occurred was the size of both countries, Wales being a tiny country compared to America so it was hard to compare the rates in both. Overall though, I felt my investigation went well and what I believed was true, that USA was higher in childhood obesity than Wales. If I had to do this investigation again I would change two parts to what I have done, firstly I would have chosen a different country to USA due to its size over Wales, now looking back I think it would have been better to have pick a country such as France. The other change to my investigation would be with the questionnaire, I would ask more people to try get a wider picture instead of a small amount which may not be an accurate opinion of the country in hand. ...read more.

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