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Country lovers By Nadine Gordimer. In the short story Country lovers be Nadine Gordimer, the story represents the life in South Africa under the apartheid which made black people very oppressed

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Country Lovers In the short story "Country lovers" be Nadine Gordimer, the story represents the life in South Africa under the apartheid which made black people very oppressed and made it very difficult to live their life freely. The laws touched a lot of aspects in their social life in the way that black people were not allowed to marry white people, the circumstances were unfair and inhuman and only few people dared to believe and fight for their freedom. Children of slaves and slave owners would play together until they go to school "once white children go to school, they soon don't play", white children weren't allowed to play with whites; this shows that the black children were treated in Fanatical way and were not respected. Also White children were offered better chances for better education, while black children "get some sort of schooling, drop every year further behind" life was terrifying and difficult for black children. They didn't have the same rights as white children "Surpassed with the vocabulary of boarding school" while black children had "childish vocabulary" comparison shows that the black children ...read more.


After her marriage form Njabulo, two months later the baby was born, it was not a dishonor for black people to be pregnant before marriage, it was mixed bright child but Njabulo didn't complain, he treats the child in a good way "He buys the baby the belt" it's a sign of his caring, he is trying to be more acceptable in white society, he's aspiring to be like white rich men. He also built his house "White men style" he is not proud of his identity because he thinks being white is linked to being powerful and wealthy, he also plays "Golf.... Sunday" which was a high-class sport this time and only white rich people expected to play this sport at this time. Paulus goes to meet Thebedi to see the baby, she greets him "hands brought together "it's a sign of being friendly and shows that Thebedi is still subjective and respectful to paulus even after her marriage from Njabulo, this is an example of prejudice. ...read more.


"Country Lovers" portrays the prejudice that a black woman like Thebedi would be subjected because she was born an African American unprotected by the legal system. It depicts how racial discrimination especially with the woman destroyed innocent lives and devastated other people. By analyzing the theme of the story, we can get a clearer understanding of the implication the author is trying to convey in the story. The title of the story "Country Lovers" it's very misleading, it sounds like a positive story about love and nature of the country and how it's presented in Thebedi and her linking to nature "drops of water ... dark legs" it's connotations of nature "shiny as salt water" linking her legs to the depth of water, she is shown as a part of nature, but at the end it's oppressed and abused in a Distorted way. At both stories, racial identity affects the way the characters behave, they're all ashamed of being black and they're disrespected in many ways. Their names were the only thing they have were mistreated "Mary" "missus and bassie" there was no respect for them. ...read more.

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