Describe how Beloved successfully evokes the sufferings of the slaves that transpired in 18t h century Kentucky and Ohio.

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Title of the text for analysis: Beloved by Toni Morrison, 1986

Course: part 3 Literature

My critical response will focus on:

  • The condition of the slaves in the 18th century America. I will talk about the conditions in America before and after the emancipation act.
  • The transportation of the blacks for slave trade from Africa. And what makes Morrison dedicate this novel to the dead slaves. What was the real life incident that inspired Morrison to write this novel.
  • The brutality of the white people in the treatment of the slaves. What did they do when slaves tried to run from slavery? And if they accepted the emancipation from their heart? I will also reflect on the identity crisis of the black people. The whites gave the slaves new names thereby erasing their identities as well as history.
  • How slavery was responsible in the extermination of 60 million black people. It is interesting to know that many of the deaths occurred when the slaves killed their children at their hands to save their future.
  • The treatment of women by their masters. How the women changed hands from one master to the other, bearing children with so many fathers.
  • The selling of the blacks just like animals in the slave market. This section will include how children were snatched from their mothers, and sold in the market with a price tag.
  • I will talk about a few characters around which the story revolves. I will try to show that these characters were metaphorically more dead than alive.
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The novel “Beloved” is a remarkable novel, part history, and part fiction, written by Toni Morrison in 1987. It depicts how the evil of slavery consumed the black people transported from Africa, and how it made their lives a living hell. One of the main purposes of this novel is to understand the plight of the blacks that suffered from an identity crisis in that era. This essay explores the pathetic conditions of the slaves, a marginalized section of the American society, in the light of setting, conflict and characters as used by Morrison. ...

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