Fighting Ruben Wolfe Alternative Ending Creative Response

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Fighting Ruben Wolfe Alternative Ending Creative Response                    

“It’s time.”

Bumper’s near me now, and I jump to my feet and stare forward. I’m ready.

Perry’s shouting voice registers, but only for a second.

When Bumper pushes through the door, the crowd makes its usual noise. I see it, I feel it, but I can’t hear it. I walk on, inside me. Inside the fight.

I climb the ropes.

I get rid of the jacket.

I don’t see him, but I know he’s there.

But I want it more.


The ref.

His words.


Looking at my feet.

Anywhere but at Rube.

In the suffocating seconds between now and the fight, I wait. No practice punches – I’ll need them all. It’s fear and truth and future, all devouring me. It hunts through my blood and I’m a Wolfe.

I hear the bell.

With it, the crowd comes storming into my ears.

I walk forward and throw the first punch. I miss. Then Rube swings and gets me on the shoulder. There’s no slow beginning, no warm-up period or watching time. I move in hard and get underneath. I hit him. Hard on the chin. It hurts him. I see it. I see it because I want it more and he is there to be hurt. He’s there to be beaten and I’m the only one in the ring to do it.

Join now!

It’s three minutes per round.

That’s all.

Fists and pain and staying upright.

Rube throws another punch to the mouth and I’m out for the round.

“He’s scared of losing’,” Bumper tells me.


In the fourth round, Rube reacts.

He misses me just once, then opens me up several times. His left hand it especially cruel, pinning me into his corner. Only once do I get through him and clip his jaw again. It’s the last time.

By the end of the round, I’m against the ropes, just about gone.

When the bell goes this time, I find ...

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