John Donne's poem "the flea" is a perfect example of a love poem

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John donnes poem the flea is a perfect example of a love poem one of many he wrote, in the early stages of his life. This funny little poem, exhibits his metaphysical love poem mood and his ability to turn even the least likely images into elaborate symbols of love and romance. In this poem Donne uses the image of a flea that has just bitten his speaker and his beloved, by evoking this imagery, Donne sketches an amusing picture of whether the two will engage in  premarital sex .At  outset of the poem the reader is well aware that the beloved is not in a mood to give  into the speakers demand, while the speaker is determined to convince her. His cleverness with an imagination is clearly evident in choice of the flea as the object of conviction. Although he initially seems to be grasping at straws he ultimately allows the reader to believe e might end being successful.

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The speaker begins his attempt at convincing his beloved b trying to indicate to her “How little” is the thing she denies him.  For the flea has already aided the union between them to a large extent by first sucking  the speakers blood and then the beloveds the flea has brought them together in a union within itself.  This act on the part of the flea can obviously cause  no sin or shame to the beloved likewise engaging in premarital sex since the damage is already done by the flea should not bring on  an shame or loss of virtue ...

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