Oedipus Rex Commentary. The excerpt taken from Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles presents King Oedipus repercussions from discovering his past identity

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The excerpt taken from Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles presents King Oedipus’ repercussions from discovering his past identity. He is enveloped in the emotion of torture and horrible awareness after gauging his eyes as an act of cleansing. As the main theme of the play, the protagonist, Oedipus Rex’s nature, mainly incorporates blindness to reality. Sophocles uses his exceptional skills with figurative language to beautifully craft a detailed and imaginative perspective on the main character’s rare explosion of moods and feelings. The excerpt is the underlining summarization from the chorus to offer background information, additional dramatic suspense, and the smooth connection with the little clues scattered around in earlier scenes to perfectly blend them so it is clear to the audience, aiding them to make sense of it all. Sophocles acknowledges the emotion of human suffering from the discovery of agonizing truth and fate of oneself. Through tone, personification, analogy, and abstract language Sophocles uses, he portrays the competition between the divine and human, with an underlining idea that one cannot escape one’s fate, despite one’s blindness.  

Like a eulogy, the chorus sings or rather chants the untimely realization of which Oedipus Rex has undergone in his now foreign and unfamiliar palace in the middle of Greece. They manage to give off a sense of angelic or spirit-like presence to highlight their disappointment and sadness that fate has brought upon King Oedipus and his late understanding of his self-knowledge. The scene takes place after he has acted against himself as a form of punishment, as a result of his childhood discovery, rupturing who he is now. The chorus takes their turn and centralizes back to the highlighter of themes presented in the play: human’s limits to the ability of fate. The act of incest and murder has compelled Oedipus into exile, banishing what happiness he had left. The excerpt is important as it is considered the emotional highpoint of the plot demonstrating the destructive emotion out of the protagonist. It displays the power and revelation of self-knowledge and fate. It affects all characters as well as the proceeding events to come. Oedipus bursts with self-disgust to a point where understanding is hard to comprehend, from finding out about his marriage with his birth mother, Jocaste, and the murder of his father.  

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The chorus takes full ownership to story tells the tale of Oedipus and his fall. Though many supporting characters are involved, the chorus only narrates Oedipus’ destiny and how the discovery has affected his present day reign. The entire excerpt is from one of the chorus’ ode; hence it acts as a monologue reconstructing the story of Oedipus in a moral significant sense. In some way, the chorus reflects of the thoughts that rumble in Oedipus’ mind, translating words into glistening abstract language for the audience to whirl in.

Though the excerpt is pronounced as a prose, Sophocles utilizes ...

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