Questions and answers on "Cry, the beloved country".

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  1. At the train station, Kumalo tells his wife about the death penalty of their son, Absalom. Mrs. Kumalo responded “I understand you”. Is this how you would have responded?

I would not have been as calm as Mrs. Kumalo was, instead I would have most likely been extremely depressed and really angry on the judge. Therefore, I would burst out my anger in a scream or I would just start crying for my son. For days to come I would have totally zoned out in conversations and thought about nothing but my son, his memories, his feelings and the things he liked etc.

  1. As there was no sign of rain in Ndotsheni, their “mealies” were just about done. What would happen to the people and the town itself if it did not rain for another month or so?

If it did not rain for another month or so, then some people of Ndotsheni would start to die because of starvation. Some will have enough money to go to live with their relatives and few of them might just have enough money to settle in urban areas like Johannesburg and start working there. Some people might start stealing from others so they can feed their families. Most of the people are will likely to end up on a terrible path which leads to violence or death.

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  1. What did you think the people of Ndotsheni would have thought of Kumalo once they figured that his son had killed a person?

I thought the people of Ndotsheni would have probably hated Kumalo for the rest of their lives. Since Kumalo is a priest, he would have lost his job and some people would have stopped coming to church. Those people might never believe in God and that could possibly lead them to doing horrible things like stealing, drug use etc. Because of people’s reaction, Kumalo probably could not have handled himself. This would have led him ...

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