Realism in "Tamas" and "Things Fall Apart"

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A comparative study: Tamas and Things fall Apart

Tamas and things fall apart come under the term postcolonial literature. Post colonial literature refers to any piece of literature written after the end of world war two,when all the African and asian countries had been liberated.The novelists Achebe and BhishamSahni have written biographical stories in these novels that depict the socio politic environment of the third world countries like India and Nigeria.  That were in the severe grip of British imperialism in the early 20th century.

The titles things fall apart and tamas agree highly symbolical as both of them mean the darkness at the time of disintegration. Bhishamsanhi took the title tamas from “upnishad” .tamas means the darkness of hell . the tile is appropriate as the novel is woven around the darkness of partition between India and Pakistan in 1947.  Achebe has taken the title from W.B. Yeats poem “the second coming”. His title is also very appropriate as he tells us the story if the disintegration of the Igbo culture.

The novels are biographical in the sense that the two novelists have written about real incidents that took place in their small provinces like Rawalpindi and Ogidi. The novels are full of pathos as the writers elucidate the deplorable and pathetic conditions of the people who became victims of the disintegration of their respective cultures and societies.

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The major themes of the novels deal with british colonisation of India and Nigeria. The people of these counties became easy prey to the colonisers as the countries were poor, unstable and insecure.  The colonisers used the sharp sword of religion to set people at loggerheads. In India the Britishers provoked the religious sentiments bv telling them that the two communities would be at peace if there were two nations. The people of India belonging to Hindu,Muslim and sikh religions were blinded by the subtle sleight of the colonisers. The results were gruesome. Hindu’s and Muslim’s turned enemies full of ...

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