The Theme of Isolation in Jane Eyre

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The theme of isolation is utilized in Literature to shape the principal characters and provide a particular vision on some crucial aspects of their identities. The fact is that the identity of a person is created through certain social and cultural interactions with people, but isolation deprives him/her of acquiring the completeness of identity.

Jane Eyre, the principal female character of Jane Eyre is portrayed as an entirely isolated personality. Jane is a little orphan who is treated cruelly by her aunt and who is isolated from the rest of the household. When Jane is sent into Lowood Institution, her isolation is aggravated; she is transformed into a reserved and serious woman with low self-esteem and lack of hopes. This vulnerable and emotionally destroyed woman lives in her own created world, and when Rochester, a person whom she loves, alienates from her, she can no longer endure this isolation. .

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Although Jane Eyre experiences anger and scorn towards her relatives, she manages to destroy these emotions. This young woman who feels isolation since childhood meets a person who experiences the same loneliness, and falls in love with him. This powerful feeling saves her from despair and finally destroys her isolation, she no longer wants to alienate from people, and especially from Rochester. In Bronte's narration both characters destroy their isolation and find necessary strength in each other, they are identical in many ways and are unable to live apart. As Jane claims, I am not talking to you now through ...

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