The theme of spirituality is also presented in Tim Winton's novel Cloudstreet as a greater force beyond the mere physical.'

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 Texts are used as vehicle to illustrate the idea of composers?

How does Cloudstreet represent the composer's ideas?

All texts, regardless of form or composer, inherently present different ideas in their composition. Besides providing an interesting story line, texts may portray attitudes and values connected with many aspects of the society in which they were written or represent. This is the case in novel, Cloudstreet, in which values and attitudes of Australian life are presented through the powerful, moving and epic tale of two separate dysfunctional families sharing a house, and the hardships of life they are put through. Author, Tim Winton, effectively illustrates his values and beliefs in this novel through the use of themes such as spirituality, unity/identity and family/relationships. Elements of Cloudstreet have been derived from Winton's personal life, experiences and beliefs such as his sense of family, Australian upbringing and in particular his comprehension of the spiritual realm. In doing this, Winton utilises an array of literary techniques to portray the key ideas within his novel.

The theme of family/relationships is a pivotal theme throughout the novel, as it is the relationships that enter the house and those that are formed and developed inside it that consequently shape the novel. Winton portrays the values and attitudes of Australian society through the characterisation of the two families. The Lambs and the Pickles, go through different situations however, end up both moving to Subiaco to escape and start over, with number one Cloudstreet being both their residence for the next twenty years. The families learn to communicate with one another and overcome the evident separation of them, thus resulting in a uniting journey. In Cloudstreet, Winton effectively uses the role of the woman and the man to express more modern attitudes and values of Australian life, Lester and Oriel Lamb are prime examples of this. Lester is portrayed as a sensitive man who cooks and cleans regularly, helping out with many of the household chores and Oriel is portrayed as the strong, figurehead of the family who has most of the control over the family. Quote

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Similarly Family and relationships is further explored through the interactions between Sam, Dolly and Rose. There is a prevalent sense of disconnection and division with the 'silent' Pickles. Sam and Dolly constantly challenge the constructed stereotypes, yet they consistently fail their children, particularly Rose. “Reckon it's a friggen' house of cards I do said Ted, the old girls the wild card also the old Mac's the bloody Joker.' This failure of an interaction causes the disjointedness of the Pickles family and general source of bitterness and hopelessness. This is accentuated through the animosity felt between Dolly and Rose, 'Hating ...

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