Things Fall Apart Passage Commentary outline

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This passage is particularly significant because it reveals Okonkwo’s hidden characteristics of being kind, emotional and non-superstitious through his actions when he took care of Ezinma during her fever.

Though Okonkwo does not normally show his emotions, this passage reveals his hidden fondness to Ezinma (the soft side that he did not want to show)

Takes great care of Ezinma when the others said her sickness is nothing but a fever

Shows his affection to Ezinma- against his usual high value of manliness, where a man should not show his soft side/against his usual tendency to hide his soft side.

Sacrifices to go into the bush at night to pick up medicine for Ezinma

Night- evil spirits/terrified by the people in the clan

He was very careful when he was handling the medicine for Ezinma- which shows

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“Okonkwo selected the best from his bundle, in their due proportions, and cut them up.”

Forces Ezinma to take the medicine- for her own good- shows his love for Ezinma

“He then roused Ezinma and placed her on the stool, astride the steaming pot.”

Okonkwo values his knowledge and family more than the culture of his clan, where he was willing to sacrifice the superstitions.

Goes into the bush at night to collect medicine for Ezinma- willing to make sacrifices to cure Ezinma

Little faith of beliefs about the night in the clan- evil spirits, terrified by the ...

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