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Study Guides

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Subjects and topics

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What Study Guides cover

We’ve analysed exam board specifications and chosen the most important topics as our first Study Guides. If the topic you need isn’t here, just let us know and we’ll try to add it as soon as we can.

Our author team

Our Study Guide authors are all experienced teachers, many of them examiners and textbook authors. They have used all their expertise to reduce a topic down to its essential points.

Using Study Guides

Understanding difficult topics

Sometimes you need a ‘light bulb’ moment – a time when everything falls into place and you finally understand that tricky topic you never quite ‘got’ before. Study guides aim to give you those ‘light bulb’ moments through simple, clear explanations.

Homework help

Homework needs to be done – and often quite quickly. Get the information you need to kickstart that homework assignment with our Study Guides.

Revision support

Effective exam preparation is becoming a more and more important part of educational success. By identifying the main points of crucial topics Study guides can be a great way to start revision and to remind yourself of key points just before the exam.

Essay planning

Every student starting an essay needs to have an idea of how they’re going to tackle it – an essay plan – including the main content to include and the order it might be presented in. Using a Study Guide can help you plan and structure your essays by identifying key points and linking them together for you.

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