Human Resources

by lucycarrick03gmailcom | Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Human Resources

Human resources are the people who work for a business or ‘human capital’. Human Resource Management is the function of managing the human resources within a business to maximise the benefits of their labour. Most employees in a business are managed by their boss. Most larger businesses will have a separate Human Resources Department which assists with some aspects of this management and may have some strategic responsibility i.e. works with the board on the human resource implications of a strategy. 

The main human resource functions which a business must achieve are to recruit the right employees, ensure they are trained to do their job, manage them properly so that they are able and motivated to do their job, appraise them and reward them. The role of a Human Resources Department will vary from business to business and it is a common mistake for students to overstate their role. They would be very unlikely to have responsibility for staff’s training and motivation. That would be up to the individual managers. The HR department may however have responsibility for overseeing recruitment, ensuring that the staff have some basic skills and that the manager has received training on how to train and motivate their team. 

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