HR: Case Studies

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HR: Case Studies

Get to know how Human Resources works in real business by reading our case studies and student written essays!


For Tesco, a motivated workforce means less absenteeism, lower staff turnover so lower recruitment and training costs, and most importantly a staff member who is unhappy in their job is unlikely to give good customer service. Tesco offer a mixture of financial and non financial motivational methods. In addition to pay, Tesco offer free shares in the company. This means that employees also can become owners. They also offer discounts on purchases and on additional benefits like days out. Also a pension scheme which should encourage loyalty. They treat staff with respect, as an employee who is disrespected by their manager would find it difficult to be respectful to a customer, and an employee who feels happy with their job is more likely to perform better. 80% of managers are recruited from within so staff can be motivated by the prospect of promotion. They also offer flexible working and career breaks to help with employee’s work/life balance. An annual staff satisfaction survey gives employees a formal opportunity to give upward feedback and they are regularly communicated with by their managers through meetings and newsletters.

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Rolls Royce

Having highly skilled employees is central to an innovative and technical company like Rolls Royce so it spends a great deal of time and effort on developing its staff. Employees will be expected to continue developing throughout their career but at the initial stages, Rolls Royce offer formal training programmes for new entrants at GCSE, A level and degree level. The company offers modern apprenticeships which involve a mix of off the job and on the job training on live projects. There is a chance for trainees to get formal qualifications, up to and beyond degree level. Trainees also receive mentoring which is one to one support, guidance and coaching from an experienced manager. Rolls Royce offer graduates the chance to specialise in any of the functional areas from engineering to purchasing. Trainees work on live projects with a mixture of on the job and off the job training. They have a chance to specialise as their careers develop. Rolls Royce recognises that they are only as good as their employees so put a great deal of effort into developing them.

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Recruiting the right staff is essential for Google and they make the process as clear as they can on their web site. They are looking for leadership, technical skills, problem solving ability and the kind of personality that will fit in at Google. The process normally starts with a conversation with a recruiter which is followed by a phone interview. This is to ensure that applicants invited in for an office interview have the right potential. At the office interview, applicants will be interviewed by several people, some of them from the team looking for a new colleague and some from other teams as cooperating across teams is vital to Google. They all discuss their findings at the end and on the basis of this, Google will decide whether to make a job offer or not. Finding applicants who fit in with the culture of the organisation is very important to Google.

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