World War One

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World War One

The First World War was known to its contemporaries as ‘The Great War’ and it had a profound impact on the twentieth century. It broke out when Austro-Hungary’s declaration of war on Serbia in July 1914 triggered an alliance system that saw the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany fight against their neighbours: France, Great Britain, Russia and later, Italy. The war was predominantly fought on two European fronts, as German forces attacked to both the East and the West, but the colonial possessions of the European powers gave the conflict a global dimension and ensured the involvement of troops from other continents. Fighting took place as far afield as Africa, Gallipoli, and Palestine, and by 1917, the US deployed troops to support their European allies. The war is often criticised with stalemate and the repeated failures of trench warfare, owing to the horror of battles like the Somme and Passchendaele, where hundreds of thousands of troops were sacrificed for little strategic gain. However, fighting was not confined to the trenches and there were profound developments in technology and weaponry that meant future conflicts would be of an entirely different nature. World War One was also the first ‘total war’ for the powers involved, where winning depended on the mobilisation of the entire population, rather than just the army. This meant that the political, economic and social impact of the conflict went far beyond the loss of life. Not only were over sixteen million people killed, but the nature of European society was permanently altered. 

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