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University Degree: Architecture

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  1. In this essay I will be discussing the drawings of Lequeu and Piranesi, in relation to the geometrical description of Gaspard Monge and J NL Durand.

    As Piranesi loved working with perspective, he knew that our experience of the world is very much to do with the perspective around us, and he was eager to control it. (Joanna Barbara Rapp, 2008, p. 706- 707) In Monges method, a figure is represented by its plan and elevation and how they are positioned to correspond with each other. In Perspective drawings, if the plans and elevations are together and measured precisely, the process of the drawing can be reversed to see the foundation of how its was done.

    • Word count: 1017
  2. This essay shall analyze the Pantheon, paying particular attention to the construction details, mainly the entrance and dome, as well as the buildings form and function.

    The building, completed around 137 AD, was architecturally revolutionary and many years ahead of its time. The Pantheon's iconic feature, its 43.3-meter dome, was "unmatched for well over a millennium and not substantially surpassed until the adoption of steel and re-enforced concrete in the modern era."2 It was influenced by the Roman bath structures at Baiaie, but of course no building belonging to this complex came close to matching the Pantheon in scale. As anybody who has visited the Pantheon can confirm, its entrance is another of its awe-inspiring features.

    • Word count: 1275
  3. The architecture of Braslia

    Political power was widely spread in disconnected fazendas, which were weak and dispersed. Most of the country stayed unexplored and in terms of population distribution and orientation, the Brazil of the 1930s had altered very little from that of the sixteenth-century. The first historian of Brazil, Frei Vicente do Salvador states that it was post-colonial in name only, in fact, remaining a colonial society in function and structure (Williams 2009: 99-100). Moreover, Brazilian cities suffered from problems of transportation, housing, public utilities, and distribution and therefore Bras�lia, a new, planned capital seemed to offer hope of relieving the population problems of Brazilian urban life (Epstein 1973: 9).

    • Word count: 2602
  4. Wiring a house - Table for cable size CB

    Table for cable size CB.S6004&6346(circuit 1) Circuit 2 Microwave = 1100 watts Kettle = 2250 watts Toaster = 1150 watts Radio = 100 watts Amps = watts/volts Using a 240 volt supply: Amps =4600/240 Amps = 19.17 Voltage loss = voltage drop � length of cable � amps Voltage loss = 0.0073 � 32.1 � 19.17 = 4.49volts Check does it comply with the 2.5% rule: 4.49/240 � 100/1= 1.87%(under 2.5%)

    • Word count: 480
  5. In this assignment I set out to design a modern and up to date classroom to enhance the learning experience for adult learners participating in a level 4 construction course. I aim to explain the rationale for my design, and will outline the materials to

    In the past teachers would have written on the board with chalk or dry wipe pens. Now interactive white boards play a much larger part in the classroom, creating a much more interesting lecture. The changes in teaching methods and the progression of technology means that the design of the modern classroom needs to be much more flexible than the traditional classroom. This enables teachers to make effective use of advanced information technology to support learning, as well as enabling them to vary the room design to suit the learning objectives and activities involved in individual lessons.

    • Word count: 1718
  6. Evaluation and Design. Bexley College Tower campus wishes to relocate to a more centrally located site, maximising revenue from the sale of the existing site. This feasibility study aims to explore the possible solutions and identify the most feasible opt

    benefits to the local community c) timescales for redevelopment Solution 1 - Tesco Extra Store The development of a superstore providing a supermarket, opticians, petrol station, Pros: * Creates local jobs in the community. * Provides a range of local services under one roof. * Good bus and train service from surrounding area are already in existence. Cons: * Access to the site limited. * Noise pollution to the school. Solution 2 - Big Yellow Storage Pros: * Creates local jobs in the community. * Provides local storage Cons: * Unsightly to locals * Access to the site limited.

    • Word count: 1616
  7. In this assignment I aim to analyse the living area within a three floor four bedroom detached house, which was built in 1969. I will look at and analyse the built environment in respect of thermals, ventilations, acoustics, light and Air Flow, making re

    natural light, daylight, sunlight, artificial light, up light, and spot lights. Light is important to ensure the building and its occupants can function adequately, and the right light levels for the room and it's use can increasing the functionality of the space considerably. The living room's biggest source of light is natural light gained through two very large double patio doors. There are benefits to this natural light, in that it is preferred by people, and provides a nice view of the garden and beyond, which includes fields and open space.

    • Word count: 1704
  8. Transparant Architecture. This thesis proposal is to explore on transparency of building enclosure (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque) that helps to determine the privacy level of certain spaces. It can be achieved by using several architectural e

    It helps to eliminating barriers, exuding freedom and shows the expression of openness and expansiveness. Transparency opens up the enclosed space on all sides, provides transition between insides and out, creates interface between the building and the municipality, between man and his environment. Transparency can be divided into 3 stages: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque. This thesis proposal is to explore on transparency of building enclosure (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque) that helps to determine the privacy level of certain spaces. It can be achieved by using several architectural elements, like: mechanism of building materials, lighting, steam, colors, louvers, etc.

    • Word count: 978
  9. Renewable Energy in Practice. The Energy Statement for Ashton Green Sustainable Urban Extension looked into possibilities of using multiple renewable energy technologies in order to support a planning application. The main areas are energy deductions in

    One of the first was the Low Carbon Building Program (LCBP) and Phases 1, 2 and 2e. It was a major government grant funding programme and provided approximately �131 million in grants for around 20 000 projects (between 2006-2010). The LCBP was run by Department of Energy & Climate Change and the grant programs were administrated through Energy Saving Trust - Phase 1, Building Research Establishment (BRE) - Phase 2. The Phase mainly concentrated on schools, churches, community projects and non-profit organizations. We (SolarTech Ltd) were part of the programme and we delivered lot of solar PV installations through the program.

    • Word count: 6338
  10. A building survey may be required mainly for checking the stability and external and internal condition of a building

    Awareness for obsolete construction is essential for examining old buildings. * CARE - Using the appropriate PPE and taking sufficient time to carry out the survey is important as it is safe to carry out the survey in a cautious and safety-conscious manner; * BEING METHODICAL - having a systematic step-by-step approach surveying the outside then inside then outside the property should be adopted so as to reduce sight errors. The following are the main stages of Building surveying taken in their order: Instructions - the client's requirements need to be taken and understood at this stage to determine the type of survey which will best suit their needs; Type

    • Word count: 1856
  11. I have been instructed by the club chairman of Bogsworth sports and leisure club to look into the possibility of building a new club house on land which the club have been offered first offer on price. I will be arranging a site investigation to see if th

    DRAWINGS Pg 14-16 INTRODUCTION I have been instructed by the club chairman of Bogsworth sports and leisure club to look into the possibility of building a new club house on land which the club have been offered first offer on price. I will be arranging a site investigation to see if the proposed land is viable to build on. From these results I will propose a suitable form of construction which I will outlay all the stages of substructure and my reasons why.

    • Word count: 1921
  12. Public Works, Public Space.

    Why should not the town be, even today a source of poetry? (Corbusier 1929.) 2 In order to develop an approach to understanding the concepts and ideologies of a 'Virtual City' in comparison to our actual city/town inhabitance, I will be focusing on exploring the concepts behind Le Corbusier's Contemporary City against that of the cities we live in. A Contemporary City of Three Million (Ville Contemporaine) exhibited in 1922, is a presentation of Charles-�douard Jeanneret-Gris's (aka Le Corbusier) vision to create the idyllic urban environment containing every modern facility. Designed to remedy problems he see consistent throughout modern day cities, Le Corbusier's city would have an abundance of space, greenery and light.

    • Word count: 1847
  13. Peter Cook. Professor Sir Peter Cook, Southend-On-Sea English born architect is acclaimed as a student, educator, curator, director, academic, designer, and probably predominantly in Cooks eyes an experimentalist.

    His fathers job would entail visits to buildings deciding whether to requisition them or not. He would take the three or four year old Peter Cook along with him to study these properties. "He was looking at buildings, and I was looking at buildings with him. And the myth amongst family is that, I was fascinated by this."2 Not only does Cook relate his interest into architecture due to his childhood and father, but several others too; he collected castles and cathedrals as a boy. Also moving to new towns frequently navigating, analyzing and dissecting his surroundings, probably not architecturally, but as a means of familiarising, this later serving him as an architectural practice.

    • Word count: 1443
  14. The Straw Bale House, known also as The House of Straw, was the concept, design and accomplishment of Sarah Wigglesworth and her partner Jeremy Till. The idea was to create a modern urban working and living environment discovering solutions to both eco-f

    The office block that sits facing the railway line rests upon metal coils that assuage the vibrations caused by passing trains, which in turn sit upon the gabions 1. Moving away from the office leads you into the living area and the stairwell to a five-storey tower lined with books that culminates with a reading space overlooking North London 2. Passing through the living room will find you standing in the bedroom wing, which is where the project derives its name as the walls are insulated with straw bales.

    • Word count: 1882
  15. Bioclimatic architecture

    or gas (combustion gases of fossil fuels). This last aspect, the gaseous pollution, leads to a kind of design therefore seeks to reduce or eliminate energy dependence. These constructions exploit the full potential energy that gives the atmosphere of their surroundings, a fact which gives rise to the name of bio-climatic. It is therefore evident that one of the previous aspects to consider in any architectural design should be the climate of where you are placing the building. The climatic characteristics have always influenced both the choice of settlement in the shelter of man, as the arrangement, orientation and shape of buildings.

    • Word count: 2726
  16. External Envelope

    the passage of heat * Resistance to the passage of sound' [Barry 4, The Construction of Buildings, Fifth edition, Oxford 2001] 3.0 HEAT TRANSFER The transmission of heat design needs to adhere to Building Regulation Approved Document Part L - Conservation of fuel and power. This regulation is applied to decrease and limit the loss of heat through the external envelope of a building other than dwellings by establishing maximum U Value's for the overall transmission of heat. [www.planningportal.gov.uk] The interior of the building needs to be kept at a comfortable temperature which, needs to be above that of the outside air.

    • Word count: 2690
  17. In order to achieve successful sustainable development in the construction industry, environmental responsibility, economical profitability and social awareness have to be well balanced and more impotantly, engineers always have to be aware of environment

    Figure 2: Sustainable development factors In the construction industry, above factor can be adopted in a various way such as Eco House, which is the one of good example that explaining how sustainable development can be achieved by adopting above factors. Solar powered electricity, solar heated water and micro wind turbine will reduce the use of energy and therefore achieving a sustainable economy. Moreover, double-glazed windows, cavity wall insulation, rainwater storage and recycling bin will help reducing energy loss and waste.

    • Word count: 1689
  18. Quantitative Analysis to get good development mix in condo project

    No. of blocks to be built: 2 (Note: An assumption made by the group based on the Site Area) 6. Levels in each block: 18 (Note: Requirement by the developer, cited in Business Times article) 7. Approximate area in each floor= (Total Built-in Area / No. Of blocks to be built) Levels in each block = (582,839.3516 sqf / 2) 18 = 16,189.9820 sqf 8. Floor area for 4 penthouses = Area in each floor x No. of storey x No.

    • Word count: 3164
  19. Fire - stages of a fire, fire resistance of different building materials, construction to resist fire.

    Oxygen CO2 type portable fire extinguisher to dilute the oxygen content of the air around the fire Heat Wet type fire fighting equipment to lower the temperature However, victims of a fire disaster are usually died of smoke inhalation. Hence, Beside putting out the fire, it is crucial for us to evacuate people out of the premises asap at time of fire and implement some measures to control the spread of smoke, esp. for those premises with high nos of people, e.g.

    • Word count: 2673
  20. Information Overload

    Some may comment that development in IT (Information technology) makes our lives easier and more comfortable as compared with several decades ago, nowadays, with technological advancement like the widespread of e-mail and existence of various search engine like yahoo and Google, availability of different kinds of electronic sources on the internet such as electronic library and websites from all over the world, we can access to loads of different kinds of information without any major difficulties and without the restraint of national boundaries.

    • Word count: 1134
  21. Bungalow design for a disabled client. Discuss the form of construction and compare the advantages and disadvantages of your choice and form of materials.

    A wide, slip resistant level path will lead from the carport to the bungalow entrance, where there is an illuminated covered porch and a level threshold to the front door. The gross internal floor area of the bungalow is X sq metres. The floor plan and external elevations are Appendices (A1-5). The likely build cost of �984 per m2 is based on the Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine's Average Build Cost Guide (February 2007). The factors taken into account are a medium sized single storey property built in the South East by a main contractor to a standard/good level of build quality, having regard to the special needs of the disabled person.

    • Word count: 1740
  22. The tasks to identity a low-rise domestic building and outline the key external features. The domestic property I have chosen for this project is 3 bedroom end of terrace house located in Wandsworth Greater London

    Down Pipe Overflow External Windows Air Bricks Condense Waste Pipe 1.32 West Elevation (Gable End) Half round ridge tile Barge Boards Stretcher Bond Brickwork Flue (DPC) 1 1.33 North Elevation Eaves Guttering Down Pipe Windows on external wall Flashings Patio Doors 1.34 External Walls The facing of the external walls on the house is stretcher bond brickwork. The advantage of stretcher bonding is that the wall acts as a whole so that a load of a beam carried by the topmost brick is spread to the two bricks below it, then to the three below that and so on down to the base or foundation course of bricks.

    • Word count: 1899
  23. The development of steel structures in High Rise Buildings

    Steel allowed architects to utilise floor space on multiple floors. Home Insurance Building- "Considered the first American skyscraper, the 10-story Home Insurance Building in Chicago was the first tall building to be supported by a metal skeleton of vertical columns and horizontal beams. Engineer William LeBaron Jenney discovered that thin pieces of steel could support a tall building as well as thick stone walls could. The steel necessary to carry Jenney's 10-story building weighed only one-third as much as a 10-story building made of heavy masonry. Since the steel skeleton supported the weight of the entire building and the exterior wall was really just a skin to keep out the weather, the Home Insurance Building was the first tall building to have many windows.

    • Word count: 1039
  24. Building Analysis

    The building is now a two-storey as a result of a mezzanine floor being incorporated. The design allows the library to serve the needs of its population of users. In terms of access and means of escape, the building has 4 main entrances leading into the main library, and two leading to the outside of the building. There are also two staircases that leads onto the mezzanine floor. 3.0 Approach This work looked adopted a desks and field study approach and looked at Building Case Studies and a range of sources including internet sites and publications by professional bodies as well as investigating the said building.

    • Word count: 1503

"Places draw us to them for reasons beyond the feelings derived from the five senses..."

-Alison and Peter Smithson

If you spend your free time comparing and contrasting the best parks, cathedrals, and train systems from around the world, then you might want to consider a university degree in architecture, building or planning. Students of these subjects study the built environment, and get the chance to leave their mark on the world in a very concrete fashion.

Although these subjects involve visual skills like drawing and model-building, they also require a fair ream of writing. So when you set down your pencil and ruler at the end of a day and find yourself faced with a blank text document, visit Marked by Teachers' collection of architecture, building and planning essays. Our teacher-marked essays will nurture your writing skills until you're able to write confidently on any topic that's called for.

Students of architecture, building and planning often go on to further training and careers within their fields of study; they can also switch to degreesand careers in related subjects, including engineering, art history or tourism, transport, and travel.


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