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University Degree: Architecture

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  1. Wiring a house - Table for cable size CB

    Table for cable size CB.S6004&6346(circuit 1) Circuit 2 Microwave = 1100 watts Kettle = 2250 watts Toaster = 1150 watts Radio = 100 watts Amps = watts/volts Using a 240 volt supply: Amps =4600/240 Amps = 19.17 Voltage loss = voltage drop � length of cable � amps Voltage loss = 0.0073 � 32.1 � 19.17 = 4.49volts Check does it comply with the 2.5% rule: 4.49/240 � 100/1= 1.87%(under 2.5%)

    • Word count: 480
  2. Transparant Architecture. This thesis proposal is to explore on transparency of building enclosure (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque) that helps to determine the privacy level of certain spaces. It can be achieved by using several architectural e

    It helps to eliminating barriers, exuding freedom and shows the expression of openness and expansiveness. Transparency opens up the enclosed space on all sides, provides transition between insides and out, creates interface between the building and the municipality, between man and his environment. Transparency can be divided into 3 stages: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque. This thesis proposal is to explore on transparency of building enclosure (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque) that helps to determine the privacy level of certain spaces. It can be achieved by using several architectural elements, like: mechanism of building materials, lighting, steam, colors, louvers, etc.

    • Word count: 978
  3. RICS report

    Former Copnor Bowling Green, Portsmouth Based on your instructions to carry out an inspection and valuation of the above property, we are pleased to report as follows. 1. Purpose of the valuation The valuation is required for the purpose of a possible purchase by the client.] 2. The subject property The property is located approximately 2.4 miles north or Fratton train station, in the North east of Portsmouth City. Access to the site is from the north. It is adjacent to the Copnor bridge and railway line.

    • Word count: 829
  4. Concrete Beam Lab Analysis

    You then lay a steel rod across the top of the metal cone and measure the distance from the rod to the pile of wet concrete. The ideal mixture should have slumped between 30-60mm. Ours measured 40mm. We then used three identical moulds measuring 150x150x750mm to create the concrete beams. One was plain, the second had two 5mm steel R bar reinforcements and the third had two 8mm steel T bar reinforcements. These were placed slightly in from the bottom and sides of the beam to avoid exposure to oxygen and therefore prevent corrosion.

    • Word count: 700
  5. Discuss discrimination in Harper Lees to kill a mockingbird.

    we should feel bad about you negro folks"(lee 174)This is said in the courtroom at the trial in part 2 of the novel "to kill a mocking bird" In "to kill a mockingbird" Tom Robinson; an innocent man accused because he is black and when Bob Ewell says "we should be sorry for negro folks" All of those supports our incidents of discrimination. In "to kill a mockingbird" Atticus Finch is discriminated because he is defending a black man. On page 153 Atticus Finch goes to sit outside the jail of Tom Robinson.

    • Word count: 752
  6. why was the roman army so sucessfull

    These weapons helped make the Romans successful because they were affective in battle and the soldiers were trained well to use them. Another thing that made the army successful is there organization. The roman army was organized into legions. There were approximately 30 legions in the whole of the empire each with a different pattern on there shields so they were recognized as part of the group. Each legion was made up of 60 centuries, in each century there was 80 men called legionaries.

    • Word count: 728
  7. Defining Features of the Early Christian Churhc

    Many basilicas from the time were built by poor Christians, so examples like Saint Sabina used recycled columns in the construction. The floor was probably originally made with packed dirt and there would have been no seating. Old Saint Peter's basilica was probably built with money donated by Constantine. It wasn't until later, when Christians became accepted and wealthy that basilicas like Sant' Apollinare were built with luxurious items such as gold leaf backed glass in mosaics for extravagant decoration to heighten spirituality within the building.

    • Word count: 700
  8. sick building syndrome

    Bacteria, pollen and mould - if these contaminants collect in drains or air-conditioning systems they can breed and spread causing a variety of health problems such as allergies and infections. 4. High or low humidity level - or changes in relative humidity in a building can trigger symptoms of ill health. 5. Poor ventilation - many office environments use air conditioning systems but ventilation is sometimes poor. What effect does it have on staff? Some effect that SBS can have on staff include: headaches, eye, nose or throat irritation, skin irritation, coughs, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.

    • Word count: 765
  9. A Cheesy End

    Inside, a man was looking into a suitcase on her bed, facing the other direction. "Dwayne?" she uttered. The man turned around. It was him. "Oh, Margot!" he breathed. He walked towards her, his arms held wide, ready to hug her. Margot repelled. "Explain," she spoke dishearteningly, flashing the photo in front of his face, keeping the vase poised. Dwayne hesitated. His hesitation confirmed her fear of his infidelity. "Ah well, you see, umm - " "Who is she?" "Rebecca.

    • Word count: 832
  10. the eiffel tower

    The Eiffel tower was built from January 1887 to March 1889. The tower was built as the entrance arch for French Revolution. Out of the 700 proposals submitted in a design competition, a radical creation from the French structural engineer Gustave Eiffel was chosen. Who is Gustave Eiffel you may ask. Gustave Eiffel, born in Dijon, France in 1832, and died in 1923, was a famous engineer who founded and developed a company specializing in metal structural work. Eiffel's company also created and designed the statue of liberty, which now stands in Manhattan, in New York.

    • Word count: 639
  11. In conclusion, I think that Saving Private Ryan is a good film because it is very realistic and very effective

    George a French crusader who had been on the crusades in Europe. Source D tells me that this is true, and Edwards chief architect "One of the greatest architects of the middle ages - Master James of St. George". He brought a variety of ideas and designs for the castles. Construction on Conwy Castle was started in 1283 and it was completed in 1287. Edward I completed the conquest of Snowdonia and ended the rule of the Welsh princes Llewelyn Ap Gruffudd and his brother Daffyd in 1284. When the native Welsh stronghold of Dolwyddelan was captured on the 18th January 1285 it gave the English command of the Conwy Valley.

    • Word count: 964
  12. Electronic strustures

    Oxygen is actually in group 6 period 2. The chemical property of oxygen is This particle is shown in the diagram below. The electron structure for aluminium is also different, this structure 2,8,3 this means that there is the maximum amount in the fist two shells and then in the first shell there is three electrons in it outer shell this makes the particle very reactive.

    • Word count: 333
  13. I want to study Architecture as I am genuinely enthusiastic for both the arts and sciences and generally all aspects of it whether it

    I am currently studying Chemistry and Biology which has improved my experimental and analytic skills and has also provided me with an insight into some of the practical applications for instance,"Titrations, Calorimetry and The nature of permeability of beetroot pigment loss experiments." These skills are evident that I am a pratctical student with skills development preparing me for the varied and demanding role of an architect. I also study Islamic Studies which is a humanities subject which in relation reflects the three major divisions taught in the BA degree.

    • Word count: 553
  14. Describe the 4 Structures of Proteins and How These Structures Enable the Function of at Least 1 Protein

    These are joined in a condensation reaction, which is made when we remove water (H20) from the two amino acids. This can be repeated to form polypeptide chains; these can contain any of the 20 amino acids. 'The sequence that is provided by the amino acids is specific as to what order they are needed in the polypeptide chain.' (www.visionlearning.com/library/module_viewer.php?mid=62, 12th Oct) Overall the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain is known as the Primary Structure. The Secondary Structure has 2 parts to it. The primary structures polypeptide chain can do two things; 1)

    • Word count: 685
  15. Management and Business Functions

    as a guiding principle for art even as Greek philosophers debated the intellectual value of this approach. The repeated depiction of the nude human figure in Greek art reflects a belief (which, by the way, was also established by my folks) that Man is the measure of all things. This literary and cultural movement we had founded spread through Western Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. A new era of art - period of Renaissance - began due to us. - Oh, don't overestimate your influence on the future. Humanism was in Roma too. And if you though started talking about this aspect, here is what I'll say to you: we were the first to create a Republic!

    • Word count: 815
  16. Parallel structure means repeating the same grammar patterns to show that the ideas in them have the same importance and expressed in similar ways or that separate clusters of words appear together

    The usual pattern of the parallel sentence is the series.In this construction, three or more elements of the same grammatical pattern are linked together. A.Parallel Structure with single words or phrases Parallelism may be secured by having a series of nouns, adjectives, gerund phrases, or clauses. Example: 1.

    • Word count: 471
  17. "Religious Expression can be done anywhere and should not be confined to just a building"

    Worship is extremely personal and doesn't require the added, "extra" surroundings to help you're mental state of mind. I t is how you feel and you're attitudes towards life. The difference between the home, the street or the religious building is simply the location. To measure religious expression by what surrounds you is close minded thinking. It's like saying that you can't drink water because it comes out of different taps. It's all the same; it's that you drink it which is important! Traveling to a place of worship can be a problem as well if it's far away and also to maintain the place of worship could cost the regulars who visit the place of worship occasionally.

    • Word count: 607
  18. Construction assignment 2. - Photograph (1) show damage caused to the outside of a building due to a fault in loading.

    It is often assumed that brick won't be crushed under pressure but as photograph (2) illustrates, given enough pressure brick will crack clean through. From the photos it appears that where this building has its main defect is the loading of external walls in relation to spaces and gaps within them. The strong looking lintel appears to hold its own, however the increased stress and pressure is not being spread effectively as loading on masonry must remain vertical, whereas here it seems sideways thrust has caused the brickwork to crack.

    • Word count: 592
  19. Who made the most important contribution to railway development, Robert Stephenson or I.K. Brunel?

    bridges across the Nile in Damietta, Egypt; and the Victoria Bridge, which spans the St Lawrence in Montreal, Canada, and many besides. Stephenson was also a Member of Parliament from 1847 until his death. Source: World Book Encyclopedia, British Economic and Social History book. Isambard Kingdom Brunel-a brief history Brunel lived 1806 until 1859. Brunel was a British civil engineer, whose projects were astonishing for their versatility and daring. The son of the French-born engineer Marc Isambard Brunel, he was born in Portsmouth and educated in England and France.

    • Word count: 946
  20. The genealogical landscape, then, that emerges from Chesnutt's stories reveals the interwoven bonds between blacks and whites and their senses of place.

    Yet, Allen further claims that these differences, though they complicate the system, do not "subvert [its] basic structure." The "tenants," black and white sharecroppers or farm laborers, exist outside the "kinship network" and relinquish any rights as "full-fledged member[s] of the community" because "there is no way to weave them into the community fabric; they are ghostlike figures who wander nameless and placeless through the social landscape, a class apart" (162-3). I suggests, however, that blacks in some southern communities were more than intenerate phantom-like laborers.

    • Word count: 770
  21. What is a city? Short essay.

    Using these recognisable characteristics anyone could point and tell you "that is what a city is" but then a city is much more. The others are the things that make up a city are less tangible and harder to describe. For a start a city would be nothing without people to live in it. This is one thing that shapes the city. People and the activities they carry out, also the intensity of these activities. This is where a city becomes a civilisation and a society.

    • Word count: 748
  22. A letter to Lenox Lewis

    All parties present above thought it would be beneficial to create a dual-purpose facility, which would be non-profit making. This would include; pool table, table tennis, Discos, Boxing gymnasium, exercise classes and various projects within the community. The idea of the boxing gym is to give the children something to relieve them of their frustration and also teach them discipline. We believe that these children lack stimulation and a sense of belonging to something and feel that this project would stimulate these children immensely.

    • Word count: 614
  23. Architecture - New Mexico

    This would prevent the extreme heat of the summer from seeping through the cool mud walls. Also adobe was very helpful in the winter because the sometimes blistering cold couldn't be felt through the thickness of the walls. Early adobe homes were often built rather small. This also factored into the climate control. The smaller a structure was, the easier it was to heat and cool during the year. Interior space was not of much concern at this time. The living or siting room was often used as the room in which everyone slept. Lack of plumbing eliminated the need for bathroom space and the kitchen and living room may of often times shared a fireplace by a separating wall (if there was one)

    • Word count: 865
  24. Shiloh The short story Shiloh by Bobby Ann Mason portrays a marriage in trouble.

    One example of this occurs in the kitchen where she is doing leg exercises with ankle weights. When Leroy pushes the idea of building a log cabin, she shifts from stationary exercises to goose-stepping around the kitchen. Later when he presses her on the subject again, she shuts him out by playing "Who'll be the Next in Line" on the organ. She takes a night school course in composition and when Leroy asks her why she tells him" It's something to do."

    • Word count: 537
  25. The advantages to the owner of the building is that the BMS would increase the rental value of the property.

    It would also give the owner greater flexibility over the change of use that may occur in the building. With the BMS in place no changes would have to be made in order to accommodate other types of work (ie, changing from an office to a place of manual labour), within the building.

    • Word count: 376

"Places draw us to them for reasons beyond the feelings derived from the five senses..."

-Alison and Peter Smithson

If you spend your free time comparing and contrasting the best parks, cathedrals, and train systems from around the world, then you might want to consider a university degree in architecture, building or planning. Students of these subjects study the built environment, and get the chance to leave their mark on the world in a very concrete fashion.

Although these subjects involve visual skills like drawing and model-building, they also require a fair ream of writing. So when you set down your pencil and ruler at the end of a day and find yourself faced with a blank text document, visit Marked by Teachers' collection of architecture, building and planning essays. Our teacher-marked essays will nurture your writing skills until you're able to write confidently on any topic that's called for.

Students of architecture, building and planning often go on to further training and careers within their fields of study; they can also switch to degreesand careers in related subjects, including engineering, art history or tourism, transport, and travel.


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