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University Degree: Architecture

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  1. Mies Van der Rohe's Farnsworth House: Transparency and the Problem of Privacy.

    The paper invites readers to rethink the suitability of transparent glass as a dominant material for dwelling spaces in terms of privacy, and also whether openness and transparency within the house is necessary. Glass is widely used in contemporary architecture such as the Lourve pyramid, Apple's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City and The National Grand Theatre of China. Being fragile and transparent, it evokes an excitement of delicacy and modernity, presents a vivid arena for emotional and intellectual stimulation and response, and provides vision, which intrigues human mind.[1] While glass possesses many unique qualities, I will

    • Word count: 1846
  2. From Syntsalo Town Hall to Finlandia Hall Alvar Aaltos Space of Humanism

    [Fig.2] An extension of congress wing was built soon after the completion of the main hall. (Schildt and Aalto 1998, 204) This period was regarded as the mature period of Aalto’s career in which he proposed a grand plan for Helsinki with the Finlandia Hall as a component of this grand plan (Weston et al. 1995, 217). Fig.1. Säynätsalo Town Hall Fig.2. Finlandia Hall In order to analyze how Aalto expressed the humanism through the design, firstly we should analyze what is humanism in Aalto’s view.

    • Word count: 2182
  3. Building Technology - selecting materials for floors and walls

    The offices will have high requirements for platform flooring because of its many benefits, the platform floor creates a void under floor level that can allow building services to be installed or modified to the required areas. This can include the following: electrical, data and telecom cabling, heating or ventilation and its control, fire suppression and detection, security and water and drainage pipework. By using the platform flooring it allows quick and easy access to these services for maintenance purposes and enables office layout changes.

    • Word count: 2230
  4. Kevin Lynch - "The Image of the City." Applying mind mapping to a town on Malta.

    of thought, Rob Krier argues that these elements will make the city easier to perceive and thus the image is easily created. He also states that the paths and nodes are the most important elements since it is where people mostly interact.[4] It is important for a city to have clear edges, paths which lead to landmarks in order to make navigation through the city easier, nodes where the people can interact and create history, and different districts, which all together make the city legible.

    • Word count: 2757
  5. Principles of buildability and sustainable construction

    Task 01 ________________ Conduct a comprehensive literature survey and identify the application of ‘buildability’ in construction projects.. ________________ INTRODUCTION Buildability is increasingly becoming a major requirement in building practice. The industryâs clients are continuously demanding the best value for money, in terms of the efficiency with which the building is carried out. The integration of good buildability into good overall design is the responsibility of the design team. Research in Uganda and elsewhere in the world has shown that good buildability leads to major cost benefits for clients, designers, and builders (Tindiwensi, 1996; Gray, 1990).

    • Word count: 4203
  6. Describe the professional and managerial workforce who may be involved in the development of a built facility and describe how their roles may differ according to the procurement system that is used

    From architects to builders, the construction industry has different people working as professionals and managers. Each group has an important role in the process of construction in which a built facility is planned, designed, built, and maintained. To begin with, the planning and designing process is the task of an architect and engineers. Secondly the planning and financial aspect which is the task of a quantity surveyor, thirdly in the construction process, a contractor, project manager and construction manager all have similar but different roles, this depends on the procurement method used and the management agreement with the client.

    • Word count: 2615
  7. Construction Sub-Structures

    Desk study will also involve consultations with the local authority environment agency. The local authority and the environment agency will have a duty to inspect the area for contamination and such like and to make this information readily available. We also need to determine the site boundaries and who will be affected when we start to carry out the development. It is then important to carry out a field study and visit the site; this is an essential part of a site investigation and should always be carried out.

    • Word count: 2764
  8. Project Management strategic issues

    The objective of this report is to analyze a project in terms of project manager?s role in finding the right balance between these key factors for successful project. Project Brief The project was envisioned to provide a commercial /office building in prime location opposite Deira city center. It consists of G+10 building and the requirements were to provide showrooms in the ground floor and offices in the floors above along with necessary underground parking as per the local regulations (estimated and provided in three basements).

    • Word count: 4373
  9. How could materials, renewable technologies and adapted processes be used in future sustainable housing?

    But firstly, let me put the need for new housing to be created into context. There is pressure on the UK government to drastically reduce our energy demand and greenhouse emissions, especially with emphasis on the energy our buildings use, which is seen in reports by organisations such as the Build with CaRe consortium and Greenpeace through its involvements in reports such as ?Hometruths? and ?Achieving Zero? . In response to this pressure, the UK government also plan for all new homes to be zero carbon by 2016.

    • Word count: 10856
  10. The Grand Tour of the Eighteenth Century and its Influence on Architecture.

    Patronage became the driving force of this new phenomenon, guiding the young grand tourists? curiosity and providing them with much needed access to the local establishment and sources of knowledge. The Grand Tour became a staple in the education of young gentlemen, and although they had to travel through other countries, Italy was its primary destination. By the mid 1700s, the trip had been formed of a series of expected destinations, including Paris as a first stop in the continent and followed by a journey down to Marseille, to then enter by sea into the Italian peninsula through Genoa.

    • Word count: 3174
  11. Review of Literature On Performing Arts Facilities, Theatres and Concert Halls

    It focused on the whole process of planning and designing a theatre building, giving specific guidance on sightlines, acoustics, stage engineering, lighting, sound and video, auditorium and stage formats. Performing Architecture: Opera Houses, Theatres and Concert Halls for the Twenty-First Century Written By: Michael Hammond * Gave emphasis on exploration of today's finest performance spaces, as well as recently refurbished, restored and transformed buildings. The literary showcased some of the most exhilarating buildings of our time. Architecture, actor, and audience Written by: Iain Mackintosh * The author draws on his own practical experience of theatre and design, as well as the testimony of theatre workers and audiences, to examine the importance of theatre architecture.

    • Word count: 3767

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