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University Degree: Architecture

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  1. A Different World.

    Finally, we approached two large automatic doors with tinted glass. As the doors opened, it was really now that it had struck to me that I had entered a New World. Although it was during late night hours, the weather was very warm and humid. The arid heat hit me. There was scarcely any room to move. Crowds of people were stood in almost every square metre that could be seen. I was forced to grasp on to father's hand as we tried squeezing through with the trolleys still at our side.

    • Word count: 1852
  2. A Legionary Fortress.

    Every time an army on the march stopped for the night it built a camp. These camps were always constructed in the same way by every legion in all parts of the empire. If a legion expected to stay in one place for some time it built a fort. Other forts were built at key points on the frontier, often near a ford or bridge, at a crossroads, near a mountain pass or harbour. Some forts were much bigger than others. On the Emperor Hadrian's wall, in northern England, some forts held twenty men, others over a thousand.

    • Word count: 655
  3. Organisation Chart.

    There are usually only 3 or 4 different lines of communication in flat structures. There is usually 1 director at the top, them 3 or 4 managers bellow them and then they each have eight at the most workers below them. Companies with flat structure are usually have great communication between all the workers, every one in the organisation usually knows every one else which make it work place nice to work in and work is more effective. Being small information is passed quickly and correctly through the company with out being distorted, this makes the company good at responding so thing can be done quickly and effectively.

    • Word count: 1646
  4. For architects Seymour Harris Partnership, designing St David’s Hall was an unusual, if not unique, commission for several reasons.

    By the time the Queen Mother performed the official opening in February 1983, St David's Hall had already transformed the artistic life of the Capital city. As Her Majesty said, 'This exciting development will add greatly to the quality of life for the city of Cardiff and the people of the Principality.' Situated in the heart of Cardiff, St David's Hall is the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales. Even with such a large national status they still believe that St David's Hall is a building to be enjoyed by everyone day and evening throughout the year.

    • Word count: 1744
  5. How can a poet build something?

    The most prominent grammatical devices used in this poem are hyperbole, metaphors and similes. All of these help emphasise what the poet is describing, they weave a lush visual tapestry in the reader's head. Starting at the top, the poem's title, Kubla Khan is the name of Genghis khan who lived lavishly. The poem describes a dome or temple he built in the mountains. The poem is structured with three stanzas, the rhyming structure seems random but it flows well and rhythmically. The hyperbole used, such as "caverns measureless to man", deeply emphasise his feelings and thoughts.

    • Word count: 629
  6. Through out this essay, the Greek architecture, the Byzantine religious architecture, as well as the Gothic religious architecture will be elaborated through three examples of these dated architectures: The Sacred Precincts of Athena and Zeus.

    The altar has vivid depictions of death and suffering all around. There is violent movement and battle everywhere. This Altar represents the Gods and Goddess's of the mythology era. The Hellenistic Kings were enormously rich at these times and built royal places for them selves as well as these sorts of Altars. This architecture is Ancient Greece Art. The Attalids enjoyed their immense wealth by building these sorts of precincts to show Rome's great power. At this period of time, you are only rich if you are in the royal families. These types of architectural structures help the cities social outlook. It defined these cities into more of a cosmopolitan world.

    • Word count: 952
  7. Future Death.

    On my palate I could taste the foul pollution from the latest so-called 'clean' automobiles. Hundreds of these aluminium cages sped along the concrete roadways of this corrupt country, stopping only to belch out ever more pollutant debris of the latest outpourings from their exhaust pipes. The masters of these abominations screamed profanities at the nearest person, before finally arriving at his, or indeed her, lodgings to live out their diminishing lives. A supercilious smirk crept its way across my face. I was stood on top of the highest roof within this city; I backed away from the position, infuriated with myself for being here.

    • Word count: 732
  8. How much does the site at Hilli tell us about people's lives in the 3rd Millennium B.C. ?

    We know that the people of Hilli were very skilful. There are remains of large tombs and buildings, which were made of mud brick. Even though the biggest and most impressive building has been reconstructed we still get an idea of how skilful the people were. They were able to collect stone, from the Hajar Mountains, and then shape it to make buildings. By looking at the tomb found at the site, I think that there was some kind of link between the people of Hilli and the people of Um An Nar.

    • Word count: 1469
  9. Canterbury 'Shopping Streets' Tour.

    Peter's Lane leading to Pound Lane that follows the old line of the walls around the city. The Friar's Corner You can turn left here to see the Marlowe Theatre. The Theatre stands on a curving road called `The Friars' that leads back into the centre of the city. There are a couple of great views of the Cathedral from the Friars. The Old Weavers House This building is in the centre of the photo, with the white walls and black wood. Built in 1507, it takes its name from the Flemish and Hugenot Weavers who fled from France to escape religious persecution in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

    • Word count: 1138
  10. In the poems 'Jac Codi Baw' and 'East Moors' Gillian Clarke writes about the demolition of particular buildings and is able to create a strong sense of place. Write about each poem and explore the effect the events have on individuals and the community.

    Overall the poet deals with Transience, which is the passing of time. In the first stanza Clarke describes how fast the demolition was and in the second stanza Clarke describes how the J.C.B driver doesn't care and how we are the ones who are killing buildings. She makes this clear by saying 'Blood on our hands' which makes us think that we have murdered this building. The building is valuable to her as she is Welsh and so is the building.

    • Word count: 1803
  11. Describe and evaluate one theory of personality change in adulthood - Seasons of a man's life.

    Where the eras over lap, we experience transitions, which last roughly five years each. At the Pre-adulthood stage the individual grows from a baby to early adulthood. The individual then moves to early adult transition; this is where the person moves towards independence, both emotionally and financially. A person can explore life's possibilities without making firm commitments. Early adulthood is then reached; the individual forges firmer links between themselves and the adult world. More choices and commitments are made and life becomes more structured. Here it might be conceivable to start thinking about and/or starting a family and setting up a home.

    • Word count: 609
  12. The way employees are organised creates an organisational structure; the type of structure depends a lot on the individual business.

    When companies are relatively large they need to have a more complex structure than that of a flat structure; hierarchical organisations or pyramid structures are often what flat structure grow into being. They are taller than flat structures, with the senior employees at the top, and the lowest level of employee at the bottom, it is often that there are more employees at the bottom than at the top, hence the name 'pyramid structure'. The final type of structure is the matrix structure; they are neither flat, nor hierarchical.

    • Word count: 1117
  13. Discuss the treatment of time in Gabriel Garcis Marquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude.

    Children evolve into their elders generally with exaggerated flaws. Suggested from this cyclic structure of time if that people do not always tend to develop their character. From the time of the establishment of Macondo the story line follows a continuous linear structure until it's destruction. The story follows it's foundation, development into a growing modern town and to it's eventual decline. Following this linear structure the town Macondo itself develops over time. Isolation and innocence is the initial existence of the town, where "the world was so recent that many things lack names."

    • Word count: 836
  14. A Study of Accessibility for the Disabled.

    To analyse my research I will use the criteria of convenience & ease of use. In order to achieve my objective of improving disabled access in Liskeard School & Community College. I will need to research and account for the following. * Ramps are installed to increase and aid accessibility to building entrances and routes where there is a change in surface levels. Often there is a lack of proper design of ramps, for example; - very steep or long ramps with no resting landings could cause trouble for the disabled as fatigue may set in while accending or decending them.

    • Word count: 562
  15. A biography of Ivan Stockenburg.

    It made me realise just how important life is. Soon after the Germans stared to invade from the west in their tanks. The Russians were coming up from the south For six months I was without food. I had to steal from the opposition or steal from the rich. Some times I even took sheets and pillows from the enemies. I managed to break into the orphanage at night-time by climbing through the gaping hole in the wall of the orphanage. It was probably where the bomb hit the building.

    • Word count: 550
  16. What were the defensive features of Rochester castle before 1215?

    As the attacker would have got much closer to the castle he would have seen the ditch and curtain wall. The ditch was a good form of defence because it was hard to get out of once you were in it especially if u were carrying lots of armour. If it was raining it would have made the ditch all muddy and slippery, making it almost impossible to get out of. The curtain wall was a high wall surround the castle and the ground that it was in.

    • Word count: 771
  17. Warwick Castle is a Typical Norman Castle. How far does the study of the site, supported by other sources, support this view?

    Castles were usually placed so the people living around them could see them. This was a sign of power over the people. Because the castle was so big and close to the towns, they were in charge. Castles were usually around the coastline because the sea was a good source of food and it would help them guard the coast from invasions by sea. It would also help if there was a nearby wood for timber sources since the castles were made out of wood and needed constant maintenance. However, over time, castles were scattered all over Britain and by 1100, they dominated most of Britain's landscape.

    • Word count: 990
  18. Modern Architecture - This style of architecture evolved at the start of the twentieth century.

    grow out of the needs of the people and character of the country like a living organism" - the 'prairie style' of this house reflects in its ground hugging, horizontal design the long and low-lying far horizons of the great plains of the Mid-West of America, and in his own words "develops from within outwards in harmony with the conditions of its being". This style of architecture was designed to work from inside the building outwards to its fa´┐Żade, replacing the search for strict axial symmetry by one for logical and 'functional' planning, and in doing so it also eliminates the need for arbitrary decoration that was the norm before the movement.

    • Word count: 1495
  19. Ludlow Castle's Defensive Features.

    Other evidence of this includes the 1721 sketch by William Stukeley, a clergyman and antiquarian, which clearly shows that there was a ditch around the outside of the castle at that time. A corbel on the inside wall of the gatehouse suggests there may have been an extended gateway going into the outer bailey, which may have housed a portcullis and murder holes. These are all sufficient pieces of evidence to say that this gateway was very well defended.

    • Word count: 4727
  20. Great Architectural Feats of the 15th Century

    Brunelleschi is said to have created the 'Renaissance style' in architecture. It is certain that he was the first man to begin to understand the structural system of classical architecture and to transform its principles to suit modern needs. Perhaps the most important thing about his dome is that it was an architectural feat which could not have been carried out by anyone else during the fifteenth century. Brunelleschi was first on the premises of the cathedral of Florence as early as 1404, and was also consulted upon but only as a result of routine matters.

    • Word count: 2172
  21. The History of Concrete

    The purpose for the building was to honour the gods, it is said to humble the most brilliant of Engineers due to the fact it has no steel rods to counter the high tensile forces such as we need to hold modern concrete together. The building is circular in form it was designed to hold a fictional ball, and is 143 feet in diameter with a wall in the form of skirts dropping from its circumference. In the centre of the dome is a 19-foot opening held in place by a bronze backed by a brick ring integrated into concrete dome.

    • Word count: 2106
  22. Manhood - reative writing

    "All right Macca!" shouted one of David's colleagues. "Oh not too bad Alex, how are you?" replied David. "Are you coming up to the cafe?" Asked Alex. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming now," replied David as he started to walk up the stairs. David was a fire-fighter and had been working for the NYFD (New York Fire Department) for the past ten years, he was very experienced. He had been pressured to follow in his fathers footsteps (he had also been a fire-fighter for most of his working life). David worked quite long hours to support his family and often worked extra shifts.

    • Word count: 1400
  23. An Analysis of the structure of ExxonMobil Aviation 2002-2003. Presented to the Senior Management of Exxon Mobil Aviation

    This comprises four main elements; job design, departmentalisation of positions and units, vertical co-ordination methods and horizontal co-ordination methods. (Bartol et. al 2001) In this report an organisation structure has been designed to support organisation strategy. Promoting innovation is usually a key consideration in the formation of the structure of the organisation. In the dynamic business that currently faces companies, innovation is the key stepping stone to keeping up with the constantly changing situation. This report analyses the management structure of ExxonMobil Aviation and both commends it and proposes some adjustments that may be required to suite the changes it encounters.

    • Word count: 3522
  24. Was Conisbrough Castle A Typical Castle?

    This is odd because usually the kitchen is right next to the main hall, which is next. The main hall is where the lord and lady would have had their meals and where everyone would sleep (except the Earl and his wife). From the great hall stairs lead to The Great Chamber Above (1st floor) where the lord and lady would sleep. This room and the room below had a fireplace made from ashlar stonework; the chimney runs through both.

    • Word count: 1218
  25. Explain how the organisational structure, culture and managementstyle of the business affects its performance and operation and helps it to meet its objectives.

    This shows that the layer at the top has direct control over the people below them, they have control over the people below them and so on. This can also be described as a pyramid structure. You can see in the diagram the lines of communication and the span of control. Advantages of the hierarchical structure are that every one knows whom they are responsible to and whom they are responsible for. This can also shows where specialists are needed in their divisional groups.

    • Word count: 1296

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