bradford council palanning and urban regeneration work placement report

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Gavin Fowler – 05003047 – Placement Essay

Gavin Fowler

Student Planning Officer  

Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council

Regeneration Dept.

June 2007 – June 2008

Table of contents


  • acknowledgments                                                        .3
  • Introduction to Bradford Council                                        .4
  • My role as a planning officer                                        .5
  • Day to day tasks
  • FUL applications
  • The Pre-app Service                                                        
  • The Area planning panel                                                .9
  • Listed buildings and conservation areas                                 .10
  • Greenbelts and the countryside policy                                .12
  • Site visits and Health and safety.                                        .13
  • What has the placement done for me                                .13

-Personal statement

-future prospects




I would like to thank Bradford Metropolitan Borough council for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain a positive experience from my time at the planning office. The experience I have gained has been invaluable and has definitely helped me to decide along a future career path. My time there has given me the confidence and ability to address situations that I would not have necessary felt comfortable addressing before.

Special thanks –

A special thanks to Amin Ibrar, who has been a good friend and colleague at the planning office. Amin shows great care and dedication in his work and has helped me out numerous problems during the year as well as introducing me to various computer systems, polices and taking me out for site visits.

A special thanks to the administration staff in the planning office for making my year there a memorable one.

Introduction to Bradford Metropolitan Council

Bradford council is the fourth largest council in the UK, with a total governing area stretching over 141 square miles of both urban and rural settings. The metropolitan district is divided into areas referred to as ‘wards’ which range from 10,000 to 15,000 voters. There are 30 electoral wards and each ward elects three councillors. The population of the district is approximately 467,000 and has rural/urban split of 60/40.

Bradford is a very diverse city with over 64 languages spoken.  Bradford Council has a ‘2020 vision’ for the district with key corporate initiatives including: -

  • Equality legislation
  • Equalities issues for staff
  • Bradford I – New IT system to maximise resources and promote communications between businesses.

My year at the planning department has given me the opportunity to look into future initiatives for sustainable development and growth, through policy making, service delivery and employment practices.

My role as a planning officer

My role within the planning office was two fold: -

  1. To decide on planning applications, appeals and change of uses in terms of households and small businesses.
  2. To give sound planning advice about regulations, polices and plans and if necessary make appointments with members of the public and discuss concerns they may have.
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There was a team of 12 planning officers in the office working on applications ranging from smaller householder applications wanting to add a dormer or rear extension to the developments on ‘Broadway’ now taking place in Bradford city centre.

Day to day tasks –

FUL applications

The FUL applications were householder applications from general residents living in and around Bradford. These were legal documents with the project proposal and address, any notification letters, 3 copies of the plans and the target date of the file.

A FUL householder application had between 8 and 12 weeks ...

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