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1. Introduction

Have you ever encountered the following scenario? I think most of you would find yourself familiar with the following scenario or even have the same experience. When you doing your essay as a student or searching information for your project as a worker, using the famous search engine like yahoo or Google, you will find piles of information on the internet whether they are relevant to your topic or not. Soon you will find that the more information you find and gather on the internet, the more difficult for you to do your task as not only lots of time is spent on gathering the information, but also, you need to spend enormous time on going through the information provided by the search engine. Worse still, much more time is needed for you to make a decision on which information is useful and relevant for your work, which is not.

Some may comment that development in IT (Information technology) makes our lives easier and more comfortable as compared with several decades ago, nowadays, with technological advancement like the widespread of e-mail and existence of various search engine like yahoo and Google, availability of different kinds of electronic sources on the internet such as electronic library and websites from all over the world, we can access to loads of different kinds of information without any major difficulties and without the restraint of national boundaries.

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However, facing the huge amount of information available on the internet, searching the useful and relevant information for your work or for your paper becomes a real headache, even a nightmare for many people. Lots of time is spent and even wasted on searching and going through the data while the final result may be quite or even extremely disappointing as only little or limited relevant information has been found. Some people point out the negative aspect of technological development as they criticize that development in IT can lead to information overload.

2. Argument of development ...

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