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Information Overload

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Content Page Introduction 2 Argument of development in IT can lead to information overload 3-4 Conclusion 5 References 6 1. Introduction Have you ever encountered the following scenario? I think most of you would find yourself familiar with the following scenario or even have the same experience. When you doing your essay as a student or searching information for your project as a worker, using the famous search engine like yahoo or Google, you will find piles of information on the internet whether they are relevant to your topic or not. Soon you will find that the more information you find and gather on the internet, the more difficult for you to do your task as not only lots of time is spent on gathering the information, but also, you need to spend enormous time on going through the information provided by the search engine. Worse still, much more time is needed for you to make a decision on which information is useful and relevant for your work, which is not. ...read more.


The lack of a method for comparing and processing different kinds of information can also contribute to this effect. A recent article in the New Scientist claimed that exposing individuals to an information overloaded environment resulted in lower IQ scores than exposing individuals to marijuana although these results are contested. The same article also notes that a night without sleep can be as debilitating as over-exposure to information. The term was coined in 1970 by Alvin Toffler in his book Future Shock. Wikipedia also states that information overload can be seriously problematic and troublesome, "Part of the problem of information overload can be traced to interruptions in the workplace. In 2005, research firm "Basex" calculated the cost of unnecessary interruptions and related recovery time at "$588 billion" per annum in the U.S. alone. That figure was updated to "$650 billion" in early 2007." From the above example, we can obviously see that how information overload causes severe harm to the workplace. ...read more.


inevitably becomes one of the result of the problem. In fact, information overload unbelievably causes loss in economy that the total amount of loss is more than the gross domestic product of a country. It shows that how this problem seriously and negatively affects our lives and even our economy. 3. Conclusion To make a final conclusion, to a large extent, I agree with the statement that development in IT (information technology) can lead to information overload. Not only Wikipedia mentions the seriousness of the problem of information overload since it makes traditional information searching strategies becomes more and more ineffective to solve our problems, thus, making us more and more difficult to find the relevant and useful information that we really need. Academic professionals like Carlson and Bray also point out that the problem of information overload alone can make severe harm to both our lives and our economy as the total amount of economic loss can be as large as the gross domestic product of a country, Argentina. ...read more.

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